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Now, organic olive oil soap available.


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Apollo olive oil soap

Apollo olive oil soap: the most natural, unique soap in the USA.


Made in the USA from products made in the USA with love for you.


            90 % Apollo olive oil, Organic

8 percent olive leave extract organic

2 percent essential oils Oregano, lavender and lye.

How much more natural does it get?

All natural except 0.5 lye.


This product was developed over several years with love and care, in our personal quest to create an absolute unique skin-care product. I envision you laying in your bathtub enjoying this natural soap, as your skin becomes smooth and soft in a way you have never experienced .I envision you enjoying that moment, and its repetition throughout the day.

No chemicals for you, non-for the environment. Just a good clean American product, made with love. 


The Apollo Olive oil soap is so soft I use it especially for my face.

Alice Jean Kyes


What does this soap do for you?


  • The Oregano and lavender oils makes this soap naturally antiseptic. It is so soft that it also makes perfect baby soap.
  • Use it all over your body. It is better than any cream, because it keeps the protective layer of your skin intact. It maintains your natural skin ph, which also protects you from bugs. 
  • It is fresh- made and all natural.
  • No coloring additives, mineral oils or preservatives.
  • The scent is perfect, for men as well for women.
  • Soft and smooth.
  • Made in California, by people. (Not a huge cooperation)



Your all- natural, unique olive oil soap. Is here for you. One click and a few days away. (And if you keep a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and water you wont need anymore expensive creams anymore that plug up your pores)



3 bars of Apollo olive oil soap, 4 ounces each, unique in the USA and even in the world. $ 21.00. 


Click here to order!


Also visit www.pieternel.com for, free common sense health information, on how to be healthier, and to keep your skin healthy and beautiful


How we developed the olive oil soap?



Here in the Foothill of the Sierra Nevadas is the local organic olive grove of the Apollo Olive oil group. The owners cold press the organic olive oil with an outstanding Italian antique Olive oil press.  After the HANDPICKED olive harvest, the olives are HANDPRESSED.


The result is an outstanding great hand pressed olive oil of superior quality. For years I was making soaps with my son and his friends as a fun project. I then sold the soaps at the local markets and fairs with great success.


Two years ago the owner of Apollo Olive oil, Steven Dambeck, asked me if I wanted to experiment olive oil soap, using their oil.


After two years of experimentation (it was a difficult proves, believe me and many gallons of Olive oil, we finally perfected this all-natural organic Olive oil soap.



I use Pieternel's olive oil soap twice daily on my face and have found it remarkable far beyond what I thought I would get from a mere "natural" bar of soap. Besides having an unusual smooth consistency, it has an aroma of oregano - yes, oregano - that I find oddly surprising and refreshing every time that I use it. The fact that the soap is composed of 90% olive oil that only assumes the solidity of soap after a delicate alchemical process that easily goes wrong, makes me look at this soap with a certain wonder. Knowing that it is composed of Apollo olive oil also makes me think of many olive trees. This whole train of thought and feeling enters my life daily now. And to think what I was missing before, when my little pump bottle simply squirted out Sam's Club orange hand cleaner!

 Robert Stephson   -


Testimonial? You can write whatever you wish. I lovvve your soap and recommend it to all my friends.

Edith Minne. Oregon House Ca


We enjoy your soap very much. I have never felt such a soft soap for my skin. My skin is not dry anymore. I should have had this soap 50 years ago. 

Mary and Grant Ramey.



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