Acid reflux and Gerd, Treatment with home remedies.

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What is acid reflux also called GERD ?

GERD= gastric eosophagal reflux disease also called heartburn.


Symptoms of Acid reflux disease , GERD.

Food from the stomach travels up instead of down and irritates the esophagus lining, which causes pain and the feeling of burning. The first symptoms is pain after meals and when laying down to rest.

Many people especially climbing up the age stairs sooner or later suffer from Acid reflux or GERD.

What are the causes?

1. Eating under stress. Eating under stress takes oxygen away from your digestive system. Less oxygen means less circulation and the digestive tract can not do its work properly. Organs who have diminished oxygen are phrone to infection, diseases and cancer.

2. Chewing too fast. When we chew to fast the digestive juices can not properly digest the food and the digestion is disturbed.

3. Hiatal hernia a process where part of the stomach moves into the chest area. Food can not travel down that easy and stamach juices can cause irritation to the lining of the esophagus. Be sure to have a check up with your doctor.  

4. Eating food which is not well cooked and or contains a lot of sugar and or hormones. All the above can cause a disturbed digestion with the result of Acid reflux or GERD.
5.    Obesity. When we are obese we stress out the stomach muscles. One of the results is that part of the stomach goes into the chest area. This is also called a hernia hernia. See point (3)
6.    Smoking has a negative influence on the digestive system as has nicotine. Smoking is closely related to development of cancer.
7.    Eating to late and too large portions. The stomach cannot digest well when eating to late and simple going to bed with a full stomach does not help gravity to digest food well.
8.    Yeast, candida infections and of parasites. For more information click on candida/ yeast infection.
9.    Use of acid binding medication like prilosec. These medications make the “acid” in the stomach on the long term worse. Some of them contain aluminum and using over a longtime, you add small dosages of aluminum in your body. Aluminum is a considered a toxic element and seems related to for example brain damage like dementia and Alzheimer’s. The above medication is a symptoms reducer not healing medication.
10.    Age: People less than 40 produce too much acidity, people over 40 in general produce too less acidity to digest the foods. Both can cause heartburn. Eat broth before your meals. This stimulates the gastric juices and is beneficial for your digestion.  
11.    Eating too much.
What are the treatments for acid reflux and GERD?
1. Enjoy every meal, take time to eat and chew well. Preferable between 30-60 times a bites. Avoid stress and eating

2.    Eat healthy foods and avoid sodas, sugar and grease poly saturated fats.

3.    Loose weight.

4.    Alcohol in moderation or avoid alcohol. Quite smoking.

5.     Do not eat after 7.00 p.m and preferable have a 12 hour between dinner and breakfast.

6.    Take the easy home test if you have yeast/candida. See Candida and yeast information

7.    Avoid regular use of anti acids as these medications relieve at short term but not on a long term.

8.    Check if you have K pylori. This can be done with a simple blow test at your doctor’s office. Oil of Oregano is an excellent alternative if you do not want to take antibiotics. “View here”

9.    Take a broth or soup before your meals, which stimulate the digestive juices. Especially with the age above 40.

10.                      Eat regular size portions and be sure to eat slow as after 20 minutes the hormone responsible for giving your brain the signal that you are full kicks in after 20 minutes.   

There are many herbs to helps digestion. For example cinnamon, fennel, aloe vera, peppermint. For more information on these herbs View here:


The Chinese medical saying
that  “the stomach is the beginning of the 10,000 diseases” attests to

the importance of good digestion.


Warmly Pieternel


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.

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