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All natural antibiotic

Oil of Oregano.


All natural antibiotic wil oregano in virgin oil. Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti yeast, anti fungal and anti parasite.

$29.75 for 2 ounce.

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Acne, hormone changes and Oil of Oregano


Acne is a hard to battle nuisance. At this moment there are different theories going around regarding acne. I will mention them in the next paragraph. To my understanding acne has multiple causes. Multiple causes and multiple approaches. The art form is to be smart and approach acne from more then one side. All the reasons that are suspected play a role and you can check them for yourself.

A multiple approach to illnesses is a good way to heal yourself on a deeper level and might be helping you much more in the long run. This is a way to prevent future decline and illnesses.


  1. Acne is probably an infectious disease caused by a bacteria like. Oil of Oregano internally and applied to the lesions is a better alternative then the antibiotic like erythromycin often prescribed by your MD.
  2. Hormone changes. Acne is often seen by teenagers, pregnant women, and men and women in andro or menopause. For sure hormone changes play a role. Maybe at this age and time people who are suffering from acne have a lower immune system and this is a way to express it. Hormones which play a role are testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and adrenal steroids.
  3. Diet is an other factor. Hydrogenated oils like with fried foods, refined vegetable oils, citrus fruits, chocolate, pork, nitrates, sugar, caffeine seems to aggravate acne and might look like it triggered the acne.
  4. Stress, often stress is the drop that tips the scale. Stress reduces the immune system and can bring out underlying issues.


If you look at the above you can draw the following conclusions:


  1. See your MD for Antibiotics or use the no side effect Oil of Oregano. A natural antibiotic against bacteria, Candida albicans, and viruses.
  2. Balance your hormones by using a natural product like Prosperin for women or Prosperon for men. The use of either a progesterone inducer or a testosterone inducer will help you to regulate the hormones. Sometimes it helps to use a liver detoxifier as olive leaf extract to help the process of balancing the hormones as the liver plays a role with this process.
  3. Look at your diet again. What can you do to improve your diet? Look carefully and this will benefit your health anyway.
  4. Be sure to drink enough water. Many people with acne do not drink enough water. The skin is an organ that needs water. Many people who we see in the emergency room and are chronically dehydrated (often they drink a lot of soda’s or just one or two glasses of water a day.) have a bad skin. Water is a necessity for skin health and beauty.
  5. Do the Home Candia albicans/ Yeast infection test.  Another way to improve your immune system.
  6. Healthy live style and avoid stress brings up the immune system. Why not enjoy you life, follow the above directions and get healthier and feel good. Joy is your birth right, health is a gift which you can increase and improve. Share with others what you gained. Life is too short to keep this information to yourself.


Good luck and warmly Pieternel     



2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.

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Warmly, Pieternel


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.