ADD is attention deficit disorder.

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Can we simplefy our lives and diminish ADD? 

Add is a term we hear often these days. The symptoms of ADD are numerous and I would not be surprised that in the future ADD might be 8 or ten different “diseases with different origin. This article will not describe in depth the symptoms or medical treatment. This article will discuss some practical examples and tips we can apply to our children and ourselves.


They’re are self-test you can take and many years ago I remember that me and my husband both took the test.  We both were borderline ADD members….

Why is it so easy to be ADD?

  1. We have such busy lives and work more then 38 hours a week. This does not leave us much time to be in householder with our families, friends and home and bills. There is just too much to do…. We are not talking here of commuting, taking kids to sports and other activities. Doing our own check ups, pets, cars and dental appointments.
  2. We are not eating very healthy…. coloring additives and hormones in meat and processed foods give us a lack of essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of our brain and body…No wonder Add is on the rise.
  3. We are drinking to much caffeinated drinks. Do you bump of the walls with that entire stimulant? Do your wonder why your child is so active and might be diagnosed with ADD.
  4. How much noise is around us? Do we have the TV on all day? TV on its one gives so much impressions and waves that it alters the brain. Could this cause ADD? You tell me!




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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.

  1. When do we rest and take it easy…just smell the flowers. How much pressure do we give our selves and our children. More, more , now , now…Is slavery over….? You tell me.
  2. Do schools get extra paid for children with ADD? Check at your child’s school and by who? Makes you wonder is this  ADD or sponsoring?

Warmly Pieternel


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