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Fighting Back against Allergies and Asthma


While allergies and asthma are different conditions, they share some of the same symptoms and same causes, and respond to some of the same remedies. That’s why it can be useful to consider them at the same time. So here goes...


Seasonal Allergies

It seems that almost everyone we know suffers from a known allergy or from something they suspect is an allergy. And allergens (the ‘triggers’ to our symptoms) can seem endless: pollen, smoke and other airborne substances, foods, drinks, fabrics, chemicals, plants and animals. In short, we’re surrounded! Whatever the cause though, the mechanism is similar. The “villainous” substance enters your body, combines with immune cells known as immunoglobulins, then undergoes a chemical reaction which causes a release of histamine. Bingo – off you go into allergic reactions such as sneezing, itching, stuffy nose, teary eyes, etc.



Asthma is a more chronic condition. The breathing passages become hypersensitive to certain irritants that cause them to constrict, so one’s ordinarily effortless breathing feels laborious. This constriction (called bronchospasm) is accompanied by inflammation of the membranes that line the breathing passages, which stimulates the production of excess mucus (phlegm). The unpleasant sensation has been described as “like breathing through a straw.” Asthma can differ considerably in severity from one person to another. For some it is greatly debilitating, for others it is a dismaying flare-up that can be triggered by allergens, smoke, dry cold air, exertion, a change in the weather, or even laughter. Asthma is a common disorder and can afflict children as well as adults.


Fighting Back

Scientists have created countless medicines to help in this area, ranging from the common anti-histamines you can buy over the counter, to more sophisticated chemicals that a doctor must prescribe. While everyone acknowledges that these can help with symptoms, fewer people understand that through more natural means we can not only alleviate symptoms, but also address why we attract them in the first place. We have more responsibility, and possibilities, than we suspect – and that’s very good news indeed. Most allergies are related to an impaired digestive system and the toxins which then build up in the lining of the intestines. When the body itself is toxic, it is more susceptible to toxins from the outside.


Allergies and asthma are often mysterious and frustrating to treat. We all know someone who has gone through a battery of tests for a hundred different allergens. I  suggest a more natural and pro-active strategy proven to myself. What you will read below is a comprehensive approach to changing your internal chemistry and hygiene; it will make you are less vulnerable to allergens, and more capable of fighting them off. On the long run it will make you more healthy as your toxin level wilI not build up and so other diseases have less possibilities to form them selves.


1. Irrigate your nose twice a day with a salt solution. Put a pinch of salt in a cup of water warm enough to dissolve it. (It should be as salty as your tears.) Put the solution in a dropper and sniff both nostrils as a wash. Cleaning out and help the little hairs and inner lining to keep dirt out of your nose. You can also coat your nostrils with sesame oil into the inner lining of both of your nostrils each morning and/or evening. (Be sure not to inhale the oil.) This provides a pleasant protective layer against dust and allergens. This works for me every allergy season. Some of my Punjabi friends get use mustard seed oil.


2. Eliminate milk and dairy products, replacing them with other calcium sources, such as nuts, lots of green vegetables. Some people who find they cannot tolerate dairy, however, may do well with yogurt and kefir, or goat’s milk products.

3. Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

4. When you feel run down - or better yet, when you catch yourself starting to feel run down - give your immune system a boost with natural antibiotics. Try 6 drops of oil of oregano 3 times a day. To learn more, link here to Oil of Oregano. The same dosage of olive leaf tincture will also give you a palpable lift. Link here to Olive leaf extract.


5. Increase your intake of omega-3/6 fatty acids, which is a inevitable part of your diet. It protects your heart and arteries and is needed to built up hormone and your immune system. Olive oil, Canola oil, flaxseed, and wild-caught salmon are the best sources for this.



Warmly, Pieternel.


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