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All natural antibiotic

Oil of Oregano.


All natural antibiotic wil oregano in virgin oil. Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti yeast, anti fungal and anti parasite.

$29.75 for 2 ounce.
$ 18.50 for 1 ounce

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Aloe Vera is known for thousands of years for its beneficial properties for health. The Egyptians discovered this more then 6000 years ago.


Aloe Vera has been used since centuries. Cleopatra used it for her beauty and Alexander the Great used it to maintain the health of his soldiers. The Maya Indians called it eternal youth plant.


Aloe Vera is a healing agent for cuts, burns and bruises, insect bites, eczema, skin sores, and skin growths. It acts as a moisturizer, absorbing easily through the skin. (For example a piece from a three year old plant slices open and put on the skin, tape or fix it with a piece of tape.) You can change it once or twice a day as desired. For boils apply it twice a day on the wound and it will disappear in a few days. Internal it will increase oxygen uptake of the body and heals cancer.

In Aids it will block the HIV virus movement from cell to cell.

As a drink two ounce in the morning, will improveAcid Reflex disease (GERD).

It is antiseptic and astringent for infections. 

Use Aloe vera to shave yourself, either before or after shaving. This helps the skin to heal it self if you cut and makes shaving so easy.


Ingredients: Vitamins, Mucomono and Mucopolysaccharides, Anthrachinonen, Minerals Enzymes, Amino acids, Essential lipids, Saponins and Lignans etheric oils.


For plants call 530-692-2904 to order. Limited amount. Prices between $15.00. ex shipping and handling.


Warmly Pieternel



2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.



I wish

That every house

Should have a plant

Called Aloe Vera

It propagates easily and hardly needs any water

This desert plant is hard to kill

Except for frost

Will do the job


If you have a burn or a cut

A boil or growth

find a 3 year old

Aloe Vera and take

From the plant and apply it.


Drink the juice

and feel healthy again.

And when your plant produces

Some baby’s

What a nice gift

To give


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Warmly, Pieternel


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.