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All natural pain relief.

All natural herbal extracts in virgin oil to use topically. (chronic) pain relief without medication. Herbal extract are from Rosemary, Oregano and Cayenne. 

$18.50 for 1 ounce

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What is Soothex?


Soothex is an all-natural anti-inflammatory remedy that offers real pain relief and real healing.


The main ingredients are oregano, rosemary and cayenne infused into a base of virgin olive oil. Soothex can be easily massaged into a painful area, where it is quickly absorbed through the skin and goes straight to work bringing pain relief.


Soothex will:


  • Bring oxygen to the affected area.
  • Reduce the swelling, thereby reducing pressure and pain.
  • Detoxify the area of deposits and toxins.
  • Increase the circulation.
  • Relieves pain.


Compare this true healing effect with the mere masking of pain symptoms, which is all that many common pain medications (such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Vioxx, etc.) really offer. Not only that, but unlike such medications, which can affect the liver and digestion, Soothex has no side effects. Anyone can use it, as often as they wish, and it works faster than the 20-30 minutes required by oral pain medications.


Use Soothex for muscle pain, contusions, sprains, headaches, migraines, neck pain, arthritis, gout, and common bruises. It also helps chest colds and sinus infections.


Additional many people benefit from hypnosis. Now you can buy a  tape and help your self at home for between $9.00-14.00 per tape. Worth experimenting and 100 % money back guarantee. 

Arthritis Pain Relief Arthritis Pain Relief with Hypnosis! 

Chronic Pain Management Learn to use hypnosis for chronic pain management 

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Knee Pain Relief Relieve knee pain quickly with hypnosis Feel free to visit my website – all for free – and if you want to receive new information just sign up for my newsletter with the latest about antibiotics, pain relief, Soothex, and much much more.


With the right tools, knowledge and effort, and natural products, pain can be diminished and – ultimately – totally cured and relieved.


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