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My name is Pieternel and I have been an RN for 27 years.

Early on in life I discovered that medical science had its limitations and started to study alternative medicine,

preventive medicine,

herbology and nutrition. 

All the natural health care products that I am offering or recommend I have tried myself and have had very good to excellent results.

My many friends and clients are very happy with my self-

developed and produced health care products. 




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50 % of the American population suffers from arthritis kind of pains Are you one of them?  Do you wake up with stiff joints? Are you not able to do many things you would like to do because of pain? Do you suffer from joint pain, stiff bones and pain, so called arthritis? Do you want some more information and ways to move freely and pain free. Keep reading:

Arthritis of the joints is an internal irritation, caused by repeated trauma and/ of strains of the connective tissues that hold the joints together. Nutritional deficiencies are causing pains. Natural treatment for arthritis pain relief consist of different options and successful ones will follow here: 

Natural Arthritis Treatments

        For all arthritis pain relief rub Oil of Oregano on the arthritis, painful joints. As often as is needed. This reduces the swelling and causes pain relief.Go here for more info on  Oil of Oregano health benefits 

        Gout sufferers can be helped too, just gently rub it on the toe.

        Avoid acid forming foods like milk, cheese and red meats. This acid is very destructive and does not seem to be eliminated well. The excess burns out sodium, which keeps calcium in solution. The excess forms calcium deposits in various parts of the body including joints, which forms an internal infection. 

        Add omega 3 like flaxseed (grinded and or soaked overnight) and omega 6 fats like olive oil to your diet. Avoid heating the oil.

        Add progesterone cream to balance the lack of physiological cortisone responses to check the inflammatory reactions. Natural progesterone cream has anti-inflammatory quality.  

        Reduce weight to diminish pressure on the joints.

        Check if you have Candida or yeast infection. Natural treatment for Yeast Infection 

Flush and drink enough water. You can use herbal teas containing Meadowsweet, Honeybush, Birch, Nettle, and  Willowbark,  reducing inflammation and flushing out uric acid. Diaphoretic herbs are sometimes necessary to draw out more uric acid out of the skin. The juice of one small raw potato drunk daily can reduce pain.


If you want you can also read some of the testimonials I got from people using my Oil of oregano and prosperin:

Pieternel, I have used the Oil of Oregano several times it has relieved the pain of my arthritis to a tolerable level in conjunction with the Naproxen sodium that I take, and I am using  a lower dose then before. Thanks.

Gary, Forbestown Ca

I work on a ranch and love to drive the tractor. One day my hand was painful and swollen, I could hardly use it. Tom, my boss gave me some Oil of Oregano from this lady. I was reluctant but he insisted. Tom said it would really help me.POW That stuff is working, within minutes the pain went away and the swelling went down. The next day I was hauling and driving again. My hand back to normal and no pain.     

Al Peard  Brownsvalley Ca


My ankles are weak as long as I know. Especially my left one. I sprained it several times. This time I was traveling through Yosemite as I jumped over a rock and sprained my ankle. It was hurting badly and spoiled my trip. I could not walk anymore. My friend had this Oil of Oregano and massaged it on my ankle every hour. Next day I could walk again. The best sprain ankle treatment ever.

Marcel van de Beeten Veghel The Netherlands.

My pains are especially early in the morning when I wake up. Rubbing on my Oil of Oregano from Pieternels makes the pain go away completely. I am sending some to my friend who has arthritis. And recently my shoulder was sore and I rub on the Oil of Oregano and the pain was gone.

Judy james

Placerville Ca.


My own joint pain disappeared after 5 months of natural progesterone cream. My friend Sukhi always had knee pains, she used the Oil of Oregano and the progesterone cream Prosperin and the knee pains disappeared in 6 weeks. 

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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.