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Baby gifts, unique, for keeping your healthy baby healthy.

Are you looking for a baby gift for one of your relatives or friends? Do you want to give your friend a baby gift that is unique? A baby gift that is natural and supports the baby's health?  A baby gift that helps the baby to grow up? A baby gift that's fun for the parents? 


You've come to the right page.


We carry only handmade baby gifts. They all come with instructions on how to use them and how to benefit the most from them. They all support and encourage baby's health.  


You can also order baby gift baskets. We offer three price categories : $ 45.00, $ 90.00 and $ 125.00.


Every baby gift basket has a special instruction manual  on how to improve the health of the baby and avoid common baby illnesses, such as colds, plugged noses, etc. It also guides you on how to handle pains from for example fever, bruises and contusions. The manual also deals with health issues such as yeast, thrush, and the process of teething. It offers an extensive list of natural treatments. As a bonus, every basket contains an all natural anti-mosquito oil.


If you love babies, you'll love our gifts and you can rest assured that yours is a gift of high quality!

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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


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