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Blue berry stories


Blue berries improve your vision. Dried or fresh, they do the job. Take the test, eat one cup and recheck your eyes in an hour. My friend said she could really see well. As for me, I have been eating blueberries almost every morning since the last 4 months and my eyesight improved to the fact that I do not need to change the piece of paper to the right position to be able to read. James Joseph from the Human Research Center on aging thinks that blueberries are likely to deliver a rich mixer of antioxidants that strengthen the tiny blood vessels in the back of the eye. It also has the famous anti oxidants* and it seems to be one of the most healthiest fruits. It is also rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C.


In the Second World War pilots who flew at night noticed that when eating a sandwich with blueberry jelly before flying saw better then eating a sandwich with something else.


Eyebright and practical use.


In Holland people noticed that swallows would put eyebright on their baby birdies eyes to help prevent infections and to improve eyesight…. Cute story he


Since the Middle Ages, Eyebright has been popular herbal eyewash. In Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost," the archangel Michael uses Eyebright to restore the health of Adam's eyes.

The genus name, Euphrasia, is from the Greek Euphrosyne, who was one of the goddesses of the Three Fates, and whose name means "gladness". This refers to the gladness one felt when his/her vision was improved after using eyebright. Click here for more articles on common sense healing.  

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