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My name is Pieternel and I have been an RN for 27 years.

Early on in life I discovered that medical science had its limitations and started to study alternative medicine,

preventive medicine,

herbology and nutrition. 

All the natural health care products that I am offering or recommend I have tried myself and have had very good to excellent results.

My many friends and clients are very happy with my self-

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Natural bph treatment


                                                                                                       Naturally Dealing with Enlarged Prostate (BPH)



You men can find some consolation in the fact that 90% of all men experience enlarged prostate problems, (BPH) at some point in their life, particularly as they get on in years. In the emergency room where I work we see many men who come in with urination problems due to a enlarged prostate (BPH) suffering in this area. But what is sadder than their suffering, to me, is the fact that much of it could have been prevented. Though the media have made most men aware of their prostate, most men still prefer not to think about it. They seem to think that enough delaying and denying will eventually make enlarged prostate go away – which of course it doesn’t. The moral of the story, then? Be smart and read my recommendations. And even better, act on them! I’ve seen too many men kicking themselves later for not acting on what they know now.

If you begin to have symptoms, finding out what really works can be a bit frustrating and confusing. A certain element of experimentation is inevitable until you finally find what gives you results. If you have found something that really works, which you have verified, and preferably tested, please let me know so I can share it with others. We can be of great help to one another that way.

What follows is a list of ways you can begin – today – to improve your prostate health in a natural way and stay symptom-free, or to diminish the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement.

  1. An enlarged prostate is most often related to urinary tract infections (UTI’s). Candida and infections like prostatitis are also related. Make sure you are not an unwitting host to excessive Candida. Look below for a simple (and I mean really simple) way to test yourself. And for more information, see my more extensive article on Candida/Yeast infection.
  2. The prostate lives in a “neighborhood”, and you can treat your prostate by improving the neighborhood. Some call it prostate massage, I call it: Increase the tone and circulation in your pelvic basin by doing specific exercises. Just as you might do push-ups or lift weights for your pecs or biceps, try the following for those delicate muscles down below: Clench your anus and sphincter. Contract your penis and urethra. Stretch and contract your lower abdominals, just above the pubic bone. Do this either in one intentional session, or sporadically throughout the day. Go slowly, adding more repetitions as you develop greater pelvic awareness and sensitivity.
  3. Use Prosperon to improve your testosterone level. (Testosterone decreases after the age of 45, estrogen increases. Prosperon increases the precursor for testosterone and helps testosterone go up and estrogen go down. More information on enlarged prostate treatment see my article on Male menopause treatment. You can also test your own hormone levels with ZRT.
  4. Drink lots of pure water to flush out your system.
  5. Move toward a diet lower in animal protein diet and richer in grains, such as a macrobiotic diet or some variant.
  6. Keep your weight in check. Yes, I know: this is a vast subject all its own. I will only say here that excess weight stresses the delicate organs at the base of your abdomen. And such stresses eventually compromise organ function. (Fatty tissue carry an enzyme that increases your estrogen. Estrogen on its turn lowers testosterone.) 
  7. Keep a journal. The days tend to run one into another and it’s hard to keep track of that new sensation you really felt last Wednesday, or which supplement you started taking three weeks ago (or was it four weeks ago?). So why not just write it all down? It doesn’t take a Shakespeare. Just a few words each day can put the fuzzy long view into sharp focus.
  8. Realize that hormones are hormones and vitamins are vitamins. A friend told me that when his PSA count (the first-line cancer detection exam) came out too high, he decided to do some self-healing with an anti-parasite treatment. This did him no harm, but… the enlarged prostate has to do with hormones and must be dealt with on that level. There’s no point in putting oil in your car if you’re out of gas. Likewise, you need to study the different facets of a given health challenge in order to apply precise remedies. A shot in the dark usually misses the target.
  9. Visualize that you are much healthier and that your prostate and urethra function well. Engage health issues with a positive inquiring spirit. Banish all fear, which blocks out possibilities. Approach your body with love and acceptance, as the temple in which your soul currently resides.
  10. An alkaline body attracts health. Positive thoughts help the body to be alkaline…. Give it a shot. (Watch my coming article on how to keep our body alkaline.)    


Many people have success  with hypnosis. The below links are easy to use and between $9.00-$14.00 per download. They are also available in tapes and CD's. The power of your thoughts will help you to increase your prostate health.

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Yes, melatonin. If you’ve only heard about melatonin for better sleep, you will be as surprised as I was by this supplement’s role in enlarged prostate treatment. An excellent study done at Tel Aviv University showed that melatonin receptors in the prostate could suppress prostate enlargement. Researchers found that bph correlated with the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone that occurs as we age. They further noted that this excess estrogen also interferes with the body’s normal metabolism of melatonin (J. Clin. Endoc. Metab. 82 (1997) p. 2535 - 41).


Their advice? Take 1-3 mg. of melatonin supplement every night. Take it ONLY after dark, at night, so as not to interfere with your body's natural production of melatonin during the day. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage (in matters of healing, remember: “more” is not necessarily better – and can even be worse!), or take your dose during daylight hours. Finally, go to bed by ten o’clock in order to take full advantage of this natural cycle. One nice “side effect” of this regimen is the good night’s rest you will get. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” What if he was right?!


Finally… Remember – please - that many prostate problems are preventable. Trust your sensations and use your common sense (which is not always that common!) Keep studying, and share what you learn with your friends. Strange to say, but in the end we are all beginners in our own circumstances.


Good luck and enjoy your health!

 Warmly Pieternel


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.





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Be smart, live the question, and the answer will come.


Warmly, Pieternel 


Watch for my next article: the relationship between prostate and sexual health. Or if you want my blue print, sent me an email.


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.