Benefit of breast- feeding.

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How to increase breast feeding and what are the benefits.

Benefit of Breast-feeding.


Over the year’s mothers with breastfeeding “hurtles” has been a part of my life as a home health nurse. It is very enjoyable to see the process of breastfeeding and the growing joy when both baby and mother getting used to it.


In this article I will mention some of the benefits of breastfeeding mentioned in research and from my own observation.


Breast-feeding for even a couple of months lowers the odds of getting leukemia. ( Marilyn Kwan, MD, in journal of Public Health reports.). The risk is 24 % less if breastfeeding longer term. More benefits of breast-feeding are:

The same counts for asthma and allergies.

Children who are breast-fed develop less obesity.

The changes of ear infection are smaller and baby’s receiving more immunity from the mother through breastfeeding. American Academy of Pediatrics Work Group on Breastfeeding, Pediatrics 100:1035-1039, 1997)].


In this society where most women have to work to make ends meet it is a real effort to breast-feed. Many European countries allow parents for a leave of absent to take care of the baby. The first year is so vital




2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.

for the development of a baby. The way the baby interacts with his parents the first year is the foundation for the relationship with his/her partner.  In men are from mars and women are from Venus the author describes that much of our communication between partners: 90 % is not in the moment but is a residue from the past. Attitudes learned earlier to survive. Breast-feeding benefit the human bonding and relational aspects between child and parent. Baby’s who are breastfeed spent more time with the mother.


Another benefit of breast-feeding: Some research claims that breast-fed baby’s are more intelligent then not breastfed children.


If we want a healthy society we have to start with our children.


Tips for: Mothers to be.


  1. Accept every offer for help.
  2. Find a network of people, who support you becoming a mother and help you to give you confidence. You are the mother and in your heart you know best.
  3. What ever you eat will affect your child. Eat and rest well. Be sure if you breast feed to drink a glass of healthy foods or water when you breast feed.
  4. Continue on your multi vitamins.
  5. Many experts in America advise one breast at the time. In Holland the understanding is to breast feed 10 minutes every breast. The most milk is “produced” in the first 7 minutes. After 7 minutes what comes out of the breast is minimal.
  6. Relax when you breast feed and have at least one glass of fluids when you feed the baby (excludes fruit juices/ soda’ with 36 grams of sugar per serving.) Drink milk, kefir, yogurt, water, herbal teas and vegetable juices. 
  7. Increase your immune system ( and the baby's).More info see Oil of Oregano. Or to buy now.

And if for one reason or the other your breast-feeding is not working. Relax and enjoy your baby as much as you can. Give it your best love and attention. And especially enjoy and take well care of yourself.






2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


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