Erectile dysfunction (ED) causes and cures

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) Has a Number of Causes… and Cures




The number one cause is stress. On a physical level stress stimulates adrenal hormones, which are antagonistic to potency. Sexual response takes place most naturally when a man feels relaxation and well-being. Stress and anxiety are – obviously - the exact opposite of this. This is why many men who may be physically capable of erection just can’t seem to enjoy this in the theater of their actual sexual life.


A man’s number one step then, is to clarify one point: is his ED of an organic, physical nature, or is he simply too stressed out to function rightly? One simple way to approach this is a simple “post-it test” which is described at the bottom of this segment.


Reversing Diminished Levels of Testosterone

You can increase your body’s testosterone level by using the all-natural hormone cream Prosperon. This cream contains natural progesterone, which is the bodily precursor for testosterone. Small quantities rubbed into soft tissue 2-4 times a day raise the testosterone level. And this increases the libido and force of erections. Prosperon cream is completely natural and has no known side effects. Click here to learn more about Looking for a Male Menopause Treatment?.

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One’s General Cardiovascular Health

The arteries in the penis, which enable you to have an erection, reflect the health of your larger vascular system. Lab tests for such elements as C reactive protein, and cholesterol, or for diseases such as diabetes, can determine if these factors are contributing to your problem. (There are also neurological causes of impotence as well, but these are relatively rare. Do the post-it test.


While speaking of labs and doctors, you should know that commonly prescribed medicines such as Prozac and Paxil and hypertension medications often have the side effect of dulling your libido. Be sure to talk with your doctor about any medicines you are taking. Read the inserts that come with your medicine as well, or talk to your pharmacist.


Erectile Dysfunction – The Interpersonal Side of Things

Talking only about doctors and pills, and considering the penis as a mere anatomical contraption, can be depressing.  It also may not tell the whole story. It can lead one to ignore some basic facts of lovemaking (which is why we’re talking about ED in the first place) that can get lost in today’s hurried world. Though I can only, unfortunately, offer you a list, I urge you to reflect on the deep implications of these words. Simple words suggest huge vistas of possibility. They could well be the simple keys you need to recover your “misplaced” capacity.


        Relax. Take your time. Enjoy yourself.

        Be sure your partner accepts and cares for you.

        Be sure you accept and care for your partner (!)

        Get to the bottom of whatever power issues are intruding into the bedroom.

        Give the alcohol and nicotine a break. Both ultimately depress and deplete you. Take up to 375 mg. of Niacin, or eat some dark chocolate.

        Go slow. Don’t worry about the destination; enjoy the journey. This means massage, touching, sincere and caring talk... it can mean such romantic things as candles and soft music. Remember that “romantic” does not necessarily mean “sexual!” You might even just forget about the goal of orgasm, or even of intercourse per se. Sex is only the highest and subtlest form of communication between a man and woman. Focus on the lower steps of communication. Get them right – for their own sake – they matter! You may find yourself pleasantly surprised to find they lead you to the highest step.


Food for Thought


I often wonder why women seem so interested in the psychology of being a woman, while men often seem to take their masculinity for granted. Sometimes a problem can be a great opportunity, a time when positive changes come knocking at one’s door in seemingly negative fashion. Books can be thought provoking and inspiring. Here are a few:


Iron John, by Robert Bly. This huge bestseller broke new ground in men’s exploration of their own masculine psychology. It was so popular because it so clearly and poetically spoke new truths men have come to in our own time.


Phallos, by Eugene Monick

Castration and Male Rage: The Phallic Wound, by Eugene Monick

Eugene Monick is a minister and Jungian analyst who wrote two books that also explore men’s issues in ways that are frank, thought-provoking, and inspiring.


Page 1 for Erectile dysfunction (ED) causes.

Page 3 for Post-it test.


For more information  click here for Prosperon, how to

order and for my erectyle dysfunction (ED) checklist.


Warmly Pieternel.


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