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Colonoscopy as prevention, proven?

Colon rectal cancer


Colon rectal cancer is the second most common cancer in the U.S.A. Yet it is easy to  prevent with a timely screening exam called colonoscopy, which is currently the best means of detection. Results from a second instrument, the virtualscope, are not yet as advanced as those from colonscopy. If the virtualscope exam should reveal one or more polyps (which can signal the earlier stages of cancer) the polyp needed to be removed anyway, which would mean a colonoscopy or surgery.


The symptoms of colon cancer are quite silent - there are no dramatic early warning signs. When symptoms become evident, the disease is already in a more advanced stage. Your best preventive measure is to have a colonoscopy after your 50th birthday. This should be done sooner if there is a history of colon cancer in your family, preferably 10 years before your family member first received the cancer diagnosis. Tiffany Kather, in In Advance for Nurses states that an estimated 30 % of deaths could be avoided with timely colon/rectal scopy. Early recognition is the key. 

The risks of colonoscopy are minimal if the test is performed by a good and knowledgeable team. My friend Marie has been working in an endoscopy center for 7 years and has observed no adverse reactions among her patients. Each patient is monitored, and there have been no serious complications in all these years.

Some of the best measures you can take to prevent cancer are:


  1. A high fiber/ vegetable diet and high calcium diet without too much meat. Kefir is an  excellent food for this, with 300 mg of calcium per cup. It is easy to digest and assists your natural bacteria in the absorption of your food. For more information View here.
  2. Eat healthy, organic food products, and again: not too much meat.
  3. No smoking, lots of exercise, a minimal amount of alcohol.
  4. Reduce stress. Stress depletes oxygen from the digestive tract which reduces circulation and oxygen.

5.  Oil of Oregano has an anti cancer influence, and increases the circulation and oxygen, as does Soothex. Rub in Oil of Oregano topically or take it internally. Soothex is only for external use but is stronger, as it also contains rosemary, which has strong anti cancer properties. When there is a family history of colonrectal cancer you can add Soothex or Oil of Oregano as a preventative. They feel great and smell good. 
6. Add Selenium to your diet in the form of more veggies or and supplement with 55 mcg selenium in a multivitamin (J.Nat. Cancer ints 96,1669,2005)
7. Do your colonoscopy at least when you are 50,and earlier if you have a family history. 
8. Listen to the signals in your body. Visualize yourself healthy and strong.
9. Have 2 or 3 bowel movements a day. Click for more information
When you add the above preventative measures to your lifestyle, you not only ward off sickness, but you increase the quality of your life.
Please enjoy every moment!
Warmly Pieternel


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