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We all want to stay healthy and young and active with the idea of enjoying our lives. Good news is on its way as research now states that there is a food which is similar to oxytocine. Oxytocine is the hormone in our body responsible for human bonding. Oxytocine is  produced in high quantities when women deliver their babies. And guess in which food you can find the highest amount of this related hormone?


Yes dark chocolate preferable 70 % or more. (Also contains serotonine, which improves moods and is an anti depressant). Taste better and is cheaper then Prozac.

Chocolate also contains flavanoids, more then berries, spinach, Brussel sprouts, red wine or tea. Flavanoids are anti ocyxidants which are believed to prevent oxidation of low density lipoprotein the so called “bad” cholesterol.

The above does not count for milk chocolate or dark chocolate mixed with sugar and fats. Please read labels to be sure you have the right kind. When it says more then 70 % of chocolate you are in business. Chocolate powder without additional sugar is good too. Preferable all dark chocolate should be organic.


Sweet Science:  Professors Mary B. Engler RN and Marguerite M Engler RN.


The greatest chocolate mouse recipe:

    1.      4 ounce of 70 % dark chocolate in pieces.

2.                  Melted in a double broiler ( be sure not to mix with water) Two different size pot with water in the tallest will act as a good double boiler.

3.                  Split four eggs.

4.                  Of the fire mix each yellow egg, separate  into the chocolate.

5.                  Whip the egg whites till it is fluffy and will not fall out of the bowl. Mix the egg whites lightly into the chocolate. Fold in to the chocolate.

6.                  Put the chocolate in wide glass ( Needs at least 2 hours of cooling)


If the chocolate mouse is not sweet enough for your taste, add honey or stevia or molasses to the chocolate mix before you add the egg whites.


Enjoy every bite.    




2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.

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