Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT)

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Learn Eft

Emotional Freedom Technique also called EFT.



I have done many classes in Haptonomy, Kinesology, Touch for health, non verbal communication and more over the last 25 years. All have their values and are wonderful techniques. In all of what I studied in those years something was lacking and I did not know what. It took me hours to work with one person. Very enjoyable though I prefer to take a walk with people or sit somewhere drinking a coffee or just having fun.

Last year a friend showed me Emotional Freedom Technique. In 10 minutes I knew how to do it and I understood: This is what I was looking for.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)= the psychological acupressure technique, a simple though profound technique to optimize your emotional physical and spiritual health.  It is a simple technique you can learn yourself and within a minute you can achieve an increase in your well being. If applied in more then one session you can heal many illnesses, emotional and physical. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)=  is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem - whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc. -- and voice positive affirmations.

This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear the "short-circuit" - the emotional block -- from your body's bioenergy system, thus restoring your mind and body's balance, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease.



Why? I will explain it to you.

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique you can use wherever you are.
  2. You can apply Emotional Freedom Technique on others like babies and sick people.
  3. It is short and easy to learn. If you get the swing of it you can apply Emotional Freedom Technique in 1 minute.
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique can be uses on physical conditions, of all sorts. Emotional issues and spiritual issues.
  5. And Emotional Freedom Technique works…
  6. No use of extra devices or specialized people or expensive medications.
  7. If you use Emotional Freedom Technique you will be able to find short cuts for healing on the level of physical, emotional and spiritual.


In deed you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I helped people with chronic pains, back pain, my own emotional issues, insomnia. This manual will provide an overview on how and where to tap, and the proper affirmation techniques, so that you can begin using EFT immediately to help yourself and others. It will also provide an introduction to some advanced EFT techniques and principles you can employ. Sceptical?  Go to these links and check it out for your self.


EFT homepage: http://www.emofree.com
get started package: http://www.emofree.com/getstarted
EFT dvd library:





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