Erectile dysfunction (ED)

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Dysfuntion erectile (ED)


Erectile Dysfuntion


Sure, it’s not life-threatening, but erectile dysfunction (ED) is definitely one of the more distressing ailments a man can bring his doctor. A look at the endless publicity for Viagra shows this concern is more how widespread than you’d think. A man of any age can experience erectile dysfunction (commonly called ‘impotence’), but it manifests most often after the age of 40, when a man’s testosterone level begins to decline. What most men don’t know, however, is that this decline in testosterone is accompanied by an increase in the hormone estrogen. And it’s an imbalance that generates many of the symptoms of middle age, and possibly ED as well.


Here are some of the symptoms of a man’s hormonal change, and the erectile dysfunction that may result from it:


  • Hair loss.
  • Nightly bathroom visits
  • Decline in arousal, in morning erections
  • Dry wrinkly skin
  • UTI’s (Urinairy Tract Infections) 
  • Anxiety, difficulty concentrating
  • Anemia
  • Back pain
  • Hot flashes
  • Distended belly

For a more complete checklist, click here.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) Has a Number of Causes… and Cures.


Stress, high levels of estrogen, low levels of testosterone, cardiovascular health and interpersonal aspects of erectile dysfunction. The cures are also discussed at page 2.


For more information click: 


Page 2 for Causes and cures of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Page 3 for Post-it test.


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 and for my erectyle dysfunction (ED) checklist.


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