Eye visions and eyebright or blue berries

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How to get ride of your eye vision glasses? 

Official Latin Name for eyebright: Euphrasia officinalis

Many people over 40 starts to notice the loss of vision. Often we cannot read the fine print and have to adjust the book or newspaper. No there is an herb called eyebright, which can grow in our back yard and seems to strengthen the optic nerve, which leads to the eyes. The theory is when strengthening the optic nerve your eyesight increases. So up to the health food store, to buy some eyebright tea. The story goes that Japanese improve their eyesight by drinking eyebright tea. Eyebright also helps when you eyes are infected and is a memory booster. Eyebright contains bitters, essential oils, several B vitamins, and Vitamins A, C, D, and E.



To my knowledge there are no side effects.


What helped for my eyesight and this has been proven in research is blueberries. I take every morning 2-table spoon full of blueberries with my breakfast (dried). My eyesight has been improved (This is the third year and I still can read without glasses. You can take a simple eye vision test: read or work on the computer and eat a cup of blue berries. Notice if there is an improvement in your eyesight.

The idea is that blue berries have a compound that cleans out the small arteries leading to the eyes. It obviously works for me. If I go on my 4-week holiday in the summer and I am often not able to eat my blue berries my eyesight declines. When I a back and take my blueberries soon it improves again. 47 and no eye vision glasses yet. 

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