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All natural foot pain relief.

All natural herbal extracts in virgin oil to use topically and relief foot pain and other pains. Herbal extract are Rosemary, Oregano and Cayenne. 

$18.50 for 1 ounce

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Foot pain relief.


The older we become, the more pain we experience. 60% of us who are over 50, for example, will have arthritis. Foot pain is another common malady that we share, which is no surprise, considering the hard work our feet perform for us every single day. Relief of foot pain can be gotten in many ways, but for immediate foot pain relief, I always recommend Soothex.


Soothex is an all-natural product that can be applied as often as needed, and without the side effects of such medications as Vioxx and Celebrex. It is composed of a base of virgin olive oil, infused with anti-inflammatory agents oil of oregano, cayenne, and other herbs that detoxify and improve oxygen flow and circulation. Many other medications only mask the pain. Soothex works wonders for sprained and strained feet and relieves foot pain.


As for other approaches to pain relief, the less weight on your feet the better. If you have chronic foot pain you should get serious about losing any excess weight. You should also elevate your feet for a spell whenever it is convenient. A helpful exercise you can do anywhere is to simply stand on your tiptoes from time to time and stretch your toes. This will improve your circulation and flexibility. A foot massage is also wonderful. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge; just reach down and grab your feet. In some ways we can make ourselves feel much better through simply willing it.


Finally, make sure you wear shoes of good quality. That may mean putting fashion and economy in the back seat, and choosing shoes that are structurally sound and supportive to relief foot pain.


Be sure to eat enough calcium to diminish the changes of osteoporoses.


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