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Holding the line against hair loss (male).

Hair loss is natural; we are always losing old hair and growing new hair. But when your hairline recedes visibly, early, or quickly, this is a sign that other parts of your health need some tending to. Such hair loss is just the last step in a longer downhill process – and this goes for women as well as for men. 

For men of course, hair loss is more typical. Around the age of 45 a man’s testosterone level decreases, and male hair loss is the most visible sign of this. It is also one of the most sensitive, which is why there are so many hair-restoration drugs that are expensive, and surgical procedures which are both expensive and painful. If you have a hormonal problem such as a low thyroid, you should consult your physician. But if not….follow hair loss treatment


Hair which is gone will not grow back again, so the earlier you act, the more hair you’ll retain. What can you do to help hold the line and have a natural hair loss treatment?


 Dr Lita Lee says states hair loss in women is  related to too much estrogen. Many women who have taken birth controle, provera or primeran will have a increased risk fo hair women's hair loss. For information on natural progesterone cream click: decrease women's hair loss.



  1. Use Prosperon, a natural cream that provides a measured dosage of progesterone, which is the precursor for the male hormone testosterone. If you rub this cream into the soft parts of your body, such as inside of legs and arms, shoulder and belly, you will absorb 12 mg. of progesterone, which will increase your testosterone level and arrest the process of hair loss. Sorry to sound corny, but action today will save hair tomorrow. Click here for Prosperon and learn more about its dosage and application.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded, and I would like to hear about your experience.


  1. Upgrade your diet. Move to organic products as much as possible, which will better nourish all of you, hair included. Your hair will not respond overnight of course, but you can patiently trust that this healthy move will in fact do you good.


  1. Natural common sense cure: What is your picture of someone who is stressed out? I see a wrinkled forehead, scraggly hair, pale face, and head in hands. What’s yours? If you can see how your stresses are affecting you, I suggest that you work on your stress as hard as you work at your work. Figure out how to stop building needless tensions. Find ways to relax and express blocked energies. Get out in the sun. Exercise. Get a good night’s sleep. Common sense hair loss treatment!


  1. Men can do pelvic exercises like repeatedly contracting the sphincter and pelvic floor, or retracting the penis and urethra, or contracting the lower abdomen. This increases circulation, diminishes toxins, and keeps the male chemistry moving. We call this your prostrate. Click here for more information on healthy prostate.  


  1. Be sure to address dandruff and seborrhea. Dandruff and seborrhea are factors in hair loss. And can be related to candida or yeast infections. For more information: Yeast /candia treatment  

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Best of luck!


Warmly, Pieternel




Recommended Reading:


“Natural Prostate Health”, by Roger Mason

“Progesterone Cream Can Help Prostate Cancer, by Dr. J. Merculo

“What Doctors Do Not Tell you About Menopause”, by Dr. John Lee

“The estrogen alternative” Raquel Martin


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.

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