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Natural headlice treatment

    Terra is a friend of mine with three children, she wrote  lice is a very large concern for me, particularly as I remember having it as a child.  So here is what I have discovered over a few years of research and battle against head lice:

      1-headlice tend to prefer females, the longer the hair the better.  This does not mean boys don't get lice, they are just a little less likely ... and may be  carriers as they usually do not get full blown infestation so parents don't  notice it.  Women are more likely to get lice than men ... so I guess this means the fathers will be doing all the headlice treatments.  : In general lice do not "like" adult humans.  But, I recommend treating yourself too.    

   2-  Besides the common, tedious, but necessary practice of combing and hand picking the headlice there are shampoo's, oils and mayonnaise. The  most common *"poison of choice for more than 30 years has been, lindane, a cousin of the infamous and now banned pesticide DDT. Lindane, available only with prescription, is toxic to people as well as lice because it is readily absorbed through the skin

and can cause nervous system problems, even convulsions ... To make matters worse strains of lice are becoming resistant to lindane, so it may not even work.

 "A natural alternative is made from pyrethrums, a compound found mainly in chrysanthemums, though this is not a gentle substance either." 

    So what I have used as a headlice treatment very successfully is the following recipe:

       " 2 ounces vegetable oil 

        20 drops tea tree essential oil

        10 drops each essential oil of rosemary, lavender and lemon

        (rosemary is the primary need) 

      Put this in the hair for 1 hour with a towel or shower cap."  Also I would  recommend adding this to a gentle shampoo, and wash the hair and put a shower cap on the head for 10 minutes then rinse.

    I use this as a prevention, when ever I hear that headlice is in the area. 

    3- Make sure to wash and vacuum everything that comes into contact with the head of the child ideally EVERY DAY.  

     4-  When doing any type of treatment it is necessary to follow-up on at least a weekly basis. Headlice, from hatching to death live for 25 days, the females lay 50 - 100 eggs.  The adults can't survive more than 2-3 days without a host ... but the nits can survive 2 weeks without a host, and eggs hatch 1 week after being laid.  After hatching it is 2 weeks  before the females are mature enough to lay eggs.

Good luck,

Terra and Pieternel www.pieternel.com

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* - From a wonderful book, "Herbs of Health and Healing, by Kathie Keville, Director of the American Herb Association" .... it recommends only non-toxic herbal recipes.  Please do not be naive about herbs, they are chemical compounds.


 Always consult your physician this is not meant to replace any doctor’s visit.  

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