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Acid reflux and Gerd, Treatment with home remedies.

Acne, Oil of Oregano, good alternatives ?

ADD is attention deficit disorder.

Allergy and Astma

Aloe Vera uses.

Anti aging and skin care.

Anti aging and skincare 2

Antibiotcs, infections and Oil of Oregano.

Natuurlijke antibiotica, Oil of Oregano

Anti inflammatory and Soothex

Arthritis pain relief

Baby gifts

Bad breath.

Backpain and back pain relief

Benefits of breast feeding


Chocolate and health.

Chronic constipation

chronic pain relief

Cholesterol, heart and health.

Colon Cancer

Depression, anxiety and bipolar disease.

Ear infections and solutions.

Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT)

Enlarged prostate (BPH).

Erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) causes and cures.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), Post-it test.

Eye visions and eyebright or blue berries.

Fertility and progesterone.

Fibromyalgia and solutions.

First aid kit.

Foot pain relief


Hair loss treatment.


Healthy chocolate.

Heart, heart health and emotions.

High blood pressure treatment.

Hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Hypnosis, healing and self confidence.

Infant and children's constipation.

Infertility and Progesterone (Infertility and Progesterone).

Insomnia, memory foam mattresses and progesterone cream.

Joint pain relief


Knee pain relief.

Living will form /advanced directives.

Living will emergency stories.

Living will index.

Migraine, symptoms and treatment.

Migraine and home remedies.

Migraine treatment.

Muslce pain relief.

Nails and nail treatment.

Natural progesterone cream.

Natural hormone cream for men/Prosperon.

Natuurlijke antibiotica, Oil of Oregano.

Olive leaf.

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteoporosis Treatment.

Ovarian cysts

Pain relief.

pain relief medication

Pian, tylenol and fever.

Poison oak/ rash and home remedy Oil of Oregano.

Prostate (BPH)enlarged prostate.

Parasites symptoms and treatment

parasites and causes of parasites

Registered nurses, student registered nurses.

RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus)

Self help, Self Help Book and Alternative Healing.

Sinusitis, rhinitis/hayfever.

Soothex testimonials

signs of depression/ treatments

Stomach flu

Thyroid and iodine

Uterus fibroids and treatment (alternative ).

Vioxx and arthritis pain relief

Vision and pinhole glasses/ blueberries

Yeast and yeast infections, candida albicans.

How to loose weight with common sense/ hypnosis.