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“Good-bye”, said the fox, “here is my secret. It’s very simple: You can only see well with your heart. What is most important is invisible to the eye.” - Antoine the Saint Exupery in “The Little Prince”

Oil of Oregano.


All natural antibiotic wil oregano in virgin oil. Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti yeast, anti fungal and anti parasite.

$29.75 for 2 ounce.

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On one of my travels in Holland I came across a book by Dr. David Servan Schreiber, The Instinct to Heal is a great book to help us take responsibility for our own well-being and heal ourselves. Every paragraph appeals to our common sense and is backed up by research. Dr. Servan seems truly motivated to help people heal themselves either alone or with limited outside help. Instead of prescribing medication - for depression and bipolar for example - he offers practical ways to help and heal yourself. Indeed, the book subtitle is, The Answer to Prozac, Lithium and Zyprexa and other Antidepressants. He describes one case of bipolar which was cured by the alternative methods of acupressure and the support of herbs and natural foods. Unlike most bipolar patients, who have to take expensive medication with many side effects, this person will be medication-free for the rest of her life. The book has 15 chapters that explain a wide range of healing modalities, including communication techniques from the heart (the effect of love, gratefulness), nutrition, EMDR, light therapy, acupuncture and others, all with ample background information. If you are getting nervous about the quality of health care and health insurance and the side effects of medication, this book is one of the best investments you will ever make. This book is also excellent for the prevention of cardiac disease, improving your marriage, your sexual health, and your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. It gives lots of excellent tips on anti aging that are also backed by solid research. One small illustration of Dr. Servans truly holistic approach is his recommendation that we can improve our heart health by taking care of another person, or a pet. Some highlights: Increase your omega 3 intake and diminish that of omega 6. Eat a healthy Mediterranean diet. Take care of your heart by learning how to listen to your heart and be true to yourself. Learn to better enjoy your life. Diminish your medications, which often have side effects. Be respectful and give love to yourself and to others, which in turn is a blessing to your health. I offer this book as a golden tip for you, and wish you much health and well-being. Warmly, Pieternel For those of us who need some help to support the immune system, diminish infections see my Oil Of Oregano

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