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High blood pressure,  home recipes/ treatment and info regarding back ground information

High blood pressure and High blood pressure treatment.


Here follows some simple high blood pressure recipes for the treatment of high blood pressure:


High blood pressure recipe: Olive oil mixed with a 1/2 chopped onion daily reduces your blood pressure, noticeable results in a week.


To tablespoons of mustard is what Gloria takes a day. She has very high bloodpressure and regulates her own. Gloria puts her mustard on pancakes.


Magnesium complex is beneficial between 250- 500 g a day. Side effect loose stool. This side effects is positive as it eliminates toxins.  


Another simple recipe  for the treatment of blood pressure and for your overall health is:

Take slow deep breaths for 15 minutes a day. Focus on the area of your heart. We call this relaxing and you should try to have around 12 breaths a minute. To difficult? Order a biofeedback machine Resperate for little less then $ 300.00 if you wish. ( 1877 988-9388).

Alternative for a simple solution for the treatment of blood pressure is: take a nice walk, preferable an hour a day…will increase you hormones and brings your heart rate and blood pressure down.

Avoid stress and drink enough water.

Do Yoga or tai chi or simple just relax and enjoy your life.


Avoid infections as every infection increases your blood pressure. How to treat infections naturally? Use Oil of Oregano. The natural antibiotic, and anti viral and anti parasite and anti yeast….amazing. No know side effects. I do advise to take acidophilus to be sure your gut has the right good bacteria to improve optimal digestion. Many of the doctors have read one study that this does not make a difference…I verified with other patients that it does make a difference. The strongest amount of different acidophilus Good quality of yoghurt or the concentrated form of acidophilus works too. Oil of Oregano, Uses and Benefits of Oil of Oregano  


Warmly Pieternel. (Keep breathing).


Good luck.


A very informative website about high blood pressure with all it ins and outs is http://www.reutershealth.com/wellconnected/doc14.html


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen. www.pieternel.com


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