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My name is Pieternel and I have been an RN for 27 years.

Early on in life I discovered that medical science had its limitations and started to study alternative medicine,

preventive medicine,

herbology and nutrition. 

All the natural health care products that I am offering or recommend I have tried myself and have had very good to excellent results.

My many friends and clients are very happy with my self-

developed and produced health care products. 




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All natural progesterone hormone cream for women. Made  from Mexican Wild yam as recommended by John Lee. 1/2 teaspoon contains 24 mg of natural progesterone.
4 month supply $ 18.50
With our money back guarantee you can order safely.

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What is a natural hormone cream?

Progesterone cream is a cream with the hormone progesterone derived from the Mexican wild yam (or from soy) in the exact amount that a woman needs in her 12- 26-day cycle. (As Dr John Lee describes in his book; what doctors will not tell you about menopause.) The progesterone derived from the Mexican wild yam has exactly the same molecule as the human progesterone. It does not build up in the body and has no side effects. Progesterone is formed in women to prepare the uterus to receive the fertilized egg. It does more... it keeps the skin smooth and regulates the hormones, builds stronger bones, is good for cardiovascular disease and cancer. It counterbalances estrogen that plays a significant role in cardio vascular disease and some types of cancer like, breast and prostate and some types of lung cancer. Natural progesterone is best absorbed through the skin in contrast to oral intake and bypasses the liver. 90 % of the progesterone is absorbed when applying progesterone cream on the skin.


Why do women benefit from natural a natural hormone cream?

  • According to Dr John Lee 60 % of American women have a deficiency in progesterone after the age of 35, and at the age of 45, the level of progesterone is basically at zero. This affects women in many ways such as mood swings, difficulty sleeping, vaginal dryness, bone aches, depression, menstrual irregularities, decreased bone density, tiredness, pms, menopause problems, fibrocystic breast and migraine headaches etc. Or even worse; ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, thyroid problems and cancer. By adding progesterone 20 days out of the month women feel more energetic, they have less vaginal dryness, their skin stays more elastic, they have less menstrual irregularities, their skin problems diminish, they feel more balanced and the extra advantage is prevention regarding cysts and possible female cancers. Also it seems that natural progesterone helps with thinking more clearly and has a positive effects on the brain. Many of my customers also have experienced a diminishing in their allergies (possibly because the estrogen in their body diminished and gave their guts a change to heal). All the above has not been proven with research on humans and time will do this. The stories of my customers are living testimonies and are a great way of learning fast how to improve our health.
  • Dr. John Lee has done much groundbreaking work and worked with women and natural hormone cream for more then 30 years. His book: What your doctor does not tell you about menopause, gives excellent information regarding this subject. Women who have been using a natural hormone cream can testify the benefits and have experienced much of these positive effects.



It is not easy to become older and thankfulness is required for people who are helping women to stay more energetic and healthy. Especially in times when women have children, work full time and try to be a lover and a great mother.... Demanding times and if a little extra helps for women why not?


Progesterone cream also works very well for men in menopause. You can read more about it on my page on Male Menopause Treatment.




My natural hormone cream: Prosperine

Prosperine is one of the best progesterone creams on the market today. 2 years ago after getting no results with several other natural hormone creams I started to develop my own cream to be sure that I would get the exact amount of progesterone that Dr John Lee recommended. After a few months of testing and retesting to make sure that everything was exactly right I started to use it on myself. Within a month I started to notice a difference, my mood swings, irregular periods and headaches improved drastically (I had used the cream generously) After 3 months... even my husband noticed that I was much less moody and my period was regular. My vaginal dryness was gone, as were my headaches. Some of my friends and family asked if they could try it also and the results were overwhelming. They reported the same effects, some said they slept better, their skin improved, hot flashes disappeared, more libido and an increased breast size. After some more refinement and work I decided to put my natural progesterone cream on the market. My vision was to make it as natural and affordable as possible. I had my cream tested by an independent laboratory that confirmed again that the amount of progesterone was exactly right. After that I started to sell it to my eager friends and colleagues and every person that through word of mouth got interested in my cream. So please women over the world, if you are around 40 and older it might be a wonderful experience for you to use this cream and notice for your self what a difference it can make. See for yourself, this all- natural hormone cream made from Mexican wild yam extract to supply your progesterone and bring down your estrogen level. One bottle should be plenty to give you enough results so you can experience this for yourself.

Order now your Prosperine 4 ounces (3-4 months supply for $18.50) with 24 mgr of natural progesterone per 1/2 teaspoon. All natural great absorption, best deal in town.

Tell your friends...order 5 and get one for free, mention proseperin coupon one for free.


How to use Natural Progesterone Cream- Prosperine.



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For more information on how to use a Natural progesterone cream

For more health information see our Natural Health Articles

The following are recommendations for women, approaching their forties:

1. Flaxseed 2 tablespoons each day grinded or soaked overnight.

2. Vitamin C 2000 mg daily, dissolved in a bottle of water, sipping it. This will also helps regulate the female hormones. (Especially the adrenals.)

3. Avoid sodas, red meat, and greasy foods, which might disturb the estrogen balance in your body. (Sorry skip junk food, full of artificial estrogens).

4. Drink 8, 8 ounces of water a day. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 5. Low thyroid: use kelp capsules 500mgr up to 8 a day. (For iodine). Be good to your self and take well care of yourself.

5. test yourself for a yeast infection see here.



References: What doctors do not tell you about menopause by Dr John Lee.

                        Progesterone cream can help prostate cancer by Dr J Merculo.

                        Herbal healing for women by Rosemary Gladstar.


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.