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(pre) menopause hotflashes and vaginal dryness


(pre) menopause symptoms and treatment.


These most common symptoms of menopause arouse very strong feelings. Uncomfortable pre menopause hot flashes can last up to half and hour, and a changed vaginal environment can put a damper on one’s intimacy. “Change of life”, as it is called, is no small matter. May I offer you some practical solutions to minimize (pre)menopause hot flashes and vaginal dryness, which in part spring from common causes?


  1. Improve the intestinal flora in your intestines by adding kefir to your diet (or acidophilus from the health food store). Use these same products as unguents directly upon your vaginal tissue. They will restore the pH balance of your organs, aid with absorption and promote healing. For more info to avoid candida/ yeast infections
  2. Avoid alcohol, sugar, spicy foods, hot drinks, marijuana and tobacco, which are directly linked to hot flashes ( too much estrogen production from artificial sources).
  3. Upgrade your diet, which means organic products as much as possible. You should particularly avoid commercial meat and milk, which contains growth hormones.
  4. On the supplement front add magnesium, vitamin E and B6, and a quality multivitamin which provides 200 - 400 units of Vitamin E. (If you have high blood pressure, consult your doctor regarding your dosage of Vitamin E.)

  1. a. Progesterone cream is an essential. Many women find relief for hot flashes and vaginal dryness Remember that your hormonal balance is like an internal sea; the tides only turn slowly. In 4 months the progesterone cream will help turn that tide. Start now. Be consistent. Expect results within 3 months. Click here for information on natural progesterone.   For hotflashes specifically use every 15 minutes 1/4 teaspoon of progesterone cream for at least 1 hour.
  2. a. Herbs that help bind progesterone are rosemary, oregano, verbena, turmeric, thyme and red clover. These are available as capsules, tinctures. Click here for more information on Oil of Oregano. or To order How about some first aid for (pre) menopause hot flashes? Take teaspoon of Prosperin every 15 minutes for four cycles. Start as soon as you get that first glimmer (menopause hot flash). Click here for more information and for Prosperine This advise is for women who have no relieve for the hot flashes and vaginal dryness for. Soy foods and licorice also bind the natural estrogen in your system. Check if this works for you. Start with one serving a day. If you think your estrogen level is too low, please consider taking a simple saliva test. Get serious about reducing the stresses in your life. Wish to not get caught up in whatever anger reflexes are most habitual for your. Use positive visualization and forgiveness. (An extra 2,000 mg. Of 2b . Vitamin C each day will help with hot flashes and vaginal dryness ).
  3. Our emotions and inner chemistry are two sides of the same coin. The smart approach is to work from both sides, on as many fronts as possible. It is amazing what positive thoughts, backed up by positive actions, can achieve. (Surprise yourself!) 3 b. Use the Kegel exercise at least 100 times a day. Try it also when you have sex, to increase your sensitivity.  3c Check your thyroid or eat twive a week fisch and or when your thyroid is low take extra kelp capsules. See  thyroid   


The Sex Question

No doubt about it…. Menopause means adjustments in your sexual life. But since sex is (or should be) just a particularly intimate, physical form of communication, what matters most is that you not let your body’s changes get between you and your partner. Don’t allow yourself to become isolated from your partner, or from your own deepest feelings. Listen first to your changing body and sexuality, and your heart’s response to that. Know what you know… and then share that with your partner - as freely and sincerely as you know how. This is the “magic pill” that brings new sensitivity and appreciation to this new phase of life.


“Trust one who has gone through it.” Virgil



Let me know what worked best for you.



Warmly, Pieternel 


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