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Help yourself and your loved ones

first aid kit

I wrote this little booklet originally for my friends and family, to help them take
better care of themselves and families.

Over the years I have gathered a lot of information on simple home solutions
for the most common ailments and diseases, just to help myself and family.

I've allways looked for solutions that were simple, effective, inexpensive and
without side effects.

So now, I've gathered them all in one place and call it "The Alternative First Aid Kit".

You can download it for free, just for signing up to my newsletter.

The newsletter will also give you good, solid  and sometimes even surprising information
on your health.
I get very good responses on the newsletter, some people told me they have a separate
folder on their computer for it.

Also your email will be absolutely sacred to me and I will not share it with anyone.

So give it a try, sign up below, you can cancel anytime so you've got nothing to lose.



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