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All natural progesterone hormone cream for men, contains 12 mg progesterone to bounce back testosteron in the male body. Derived from Mexican Wild yam. Dosage recommended by Dr Merculo.

$16.00 for 2 ounces

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You'll just love the way these drops work!
We are proud to give you
a full 90 day money back guarantee.
All natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungus, anti parasite.
Topically: takes pain and swelling away, brings oxygen where YOU need it. Your best first kit aid. 

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Discover why Oil of Oregano is the ultimate
natural health care product.

oil of oregano

I work on a ranch and love to drive the tractor. One day my hand was painful and swollen, I could hardly use it. Tom, my boss gave me some Oil of Oregano from this lady. I was reluctant but he insisted. Tom said it would really help me.POW That stuff is working, within minutes the pain went away and the swelling went down. The next day I was hauling and driving again. My hand back to normal and no pain.

All Peard Brownsville, California

Date: 11/16/2004
From: Pieternel van Giersbergen

The many uses and health benefits of Oil of Oregano.

Dear visitor, Maybe you are here because you want to know more about Oil of Oregano. Or maybe you are here because you want to find a cure for some health problem you or one of your loved ones has. Maybe because you discovered this is where you can find Oil of oregano at the lowest price on the internet. Whatever it is, I am happy to tell you all about Oil of Oregano.

Did you ever see that movie "Greek Wedding"? How the father of the main character uses Windex for every little ailment on the planet?

Well that 's exactly how I am with oil of oregano. It is such an amazing cure for so many things that I see myself telling my patients and customers over and over again. Oh... you have that problem, use oil of oregano. Oh... you have that problem, use oil of oregano.And then they look at me sceptical, just as you probably are too, but then when they use it and they feel for themself what it does... they change.They look at me with those big eyes and say "HEY THIS WORKS". Here are just a few of many things Oil of Oregano can do for you.

  • Oil of Oregano will battle all your infections, viral or bacterial - For instance, sinus infections, flu, pneumonia, UTI, gingivitis, gastritis, prostatitis. Use 6 drops 3 times a day for six weeks. You can also dilute the drops with water. Children 3 times a day 3 drops diluted in water or a favorite drink.
  • Oil of Oregano treats fungus infections. - Put Oil of Oregano on your nail(s)or toe or whatever part of the body. Apply it topical and or internal.
  • Oil of Oregano relieves pain. - Just rub it on your sprain, contusion of your ankle, wrist, backpain, pulling of a muscle, tendonitus pain, arthritis pain. You can rub it every 15 minutes every hour or every 4 hours, as needed.
My ankles are weak as long as I can remember. Especially my left one. I sprained it several times. This time, as I was traveling through Yosemite, I jumped over a rock and sprained my ankle. It hurted badly and spoiled my trip. I could not walk anymore. My friend had this Oil of Oregano and massaged it on my ankle every hour. Next day I could walk again. The best sprained ankle treatment ever.

Marcel van de Beeten, Veghel The Netherlands.

  • Oil of Oregano makes an excellent mouth wash - Swish a few drops in water. Diminishes bacteria that cause decay.
  • Oil of Oregano kills all the parasites in your GI tract. - Use 6 drops 3 times a day for six weeks. You can also dilute the drops with water.
  • Oil of Oregano diminishes headaches - Rub it on your head where you have the headache. Drink plenty of water and rest, do not worry. You'll feel a lot better.
I had severe UTI with pain with urination, burning and bleeding. I took Pieternel's Oil of Oregano under the tongue 6 drops 3 times a day and it helped me completely. I also took kefir and my health improved considerable.

Gloria Cambridge, Oregon House Ca

  • Oil of Oregano treats ear infections. - Rub the oil around the ear. NOT in the ear and take 6 drops 3 times a day. For children 3 drops 3 times a day diluted with water or a favorite drink. For babyies under 2 years, 2 drops 3 times a day.
  • Oil of Oregano will treat Eczema - Rub Oil of Oregano on the eczema spots and take Oil of Oregano 3 times a day 6 drops. children 3 times 3 drops a day diluted in water or a favorite drink.
  • Bruises - Immediately rub it on the spot where you bruise yourself. When you have a bruise continue to rub it on the bruise 2-3 times a day.

Oil of Oregano is like a little medicine cabinet in a bottle. It is the best natural antibiotic that I know. It is great for pain relief. It helps against Candida (yeast infection), it kills parasites and viruses and bacteria (yes, also those of your pets). It has no known side effects, people have been eating oregano for thousands of years. Oh yes! I almost forgot, it's an incredible massage oil that brings a wonderful glowing warmth deep in your tissues. This reminds me of that woman that came up to me at a market where I was selling my oil. She said, "Hey you're selling Oil of oregano, you know what? When I travel with my family that's all I need, it does everything".

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I took Pieternel's home candida test and it showed that I had a pretty strong yeast infection as she thought it would. I took her oil of oregano for six weeks and it showed that it had almost completely disappeared. I also took kefir. Now I am taking a little break and then I'm going to go on using it until it is completely gone.

Eric Jilesen, Dobbins Ca

Pieternel, I have used the sample several times and it has relieved the pain of my arthritis to a tolerable level in conjunction with the Naproxen sodium that I take, and I am using a lower dose than before. Thanks.

Gary Knox, Forbestown Ca

Research keeps showing over and over again that most of our so called "traditional medicine" like antibiotics, pain relief pills and medication for fungi and parasites have serious side effects. One out of five patients that come into the Emergency Room come in because of adverse reactions to medications. Some medications are flat out dangerous like the antibiotic erythromycin and can cause death. Many patients already carry bacteria in their bodies that are immune for antibiotics due to the overuse of antibiotics in the past. These people benefit tremendously from the use of Oil of Oregano. All antibiotics kills the good and the bad bacteria in your system and research has shown that 90% of patients with ear infections, that use antibiotic without adding good bacteria will have a recurrent ear infection within 3 months. Their immune system gets jeopardized. You really wonder why we load ourselves up with medications that harm us instead of helping us.

Oregano has been eaten and used as a cure for thousands of years. Oil of oregano has no known side effects and has been used for many years with great success in Europe to battle infections and for pain relief. With Oil of Oregano your immune system gets stronger instead of weaker. With your Oil of Oregano you don't have to worry if you use too much. Oil of Oregano is so versatile that if something unexpected happens, there is a good chance your Oil of Oregano can come to the rescue, or at least bring temporary relief.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

That's right, you get 90 days to try your Oil of Oregano. If anywhere in those 90 days you send your bottle back, I will send you a refund immediately. No questions asked. I am willing to take all the risk because I know how much your oil of oregano will do for you and your loved ones (yes, your pets too) GUARANTEED!

Give Oil of Oregano a try Today!

I know that my price of $29.75 for one 2 oz. bottle of Oil of Oregano is the best price I have been able to find on the internet or in retail stores. My webmaster says I should raise my price but I don't want to do that yet. I want Oil of Oregano to be as affordable as possible. I have a little workshop where I produce small quantities then sell them myself. This way I can assure the highest possible quality and still keep the price down since there is no middle man who can profit(at last from now).

You might be a little skeptical about all this ( I would be too if I didn't know better. That is why I'm giving you here my personal email address ( and my personal phone ( 530 692 2904). I am not hiding behind my website. I'm a real living human being. I'm a ER nurse and I have been a health professional for 29 years. I'm not just recommending any health product that's on the market (as a matter of fact I'm only recommending very few). I am only recommending and selling those products that I use myself, that I give to my family and friends and that I wholeheartedly believe in. I am urging you to give Oil of Oregano a chance. Not because of me, but because what it can do for you and for your loved ones. How it can help you improve your health and your life and wellbeing. I have shown you testimonials of real people with real results and I have told you of the considerable risks pharmaceutical medicine can bring. You can keep on living like before and use antibiotics and painkillers etc. or you can dive into the unkown and give it a try. Furthermore - You have nothing to lose with my 90 days money back guarantee. Don't put this off.

Best of Success,

Pieternel van Giersbergen

P.S.- You'll love Oil of Oregano- Guaranteed. As a matter of fact: You Will Love It - Or You Get Your Money Back!

. 2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


More testimonials:


Nicolay Kindrat.  Oregon House CA.


I bought Pieternel's Oil of Oregano because I was coming down with the flu. I am so glad I bought it because as soon as I took the Oil of Oregano my flu started to vanish. My immune system felt stronger and I felt so much better.


Ellen Walravens Weert. The Netherlands


Since 1996 I have had chronic bad pain in my left shoulder, which radiates into my arms and legs, due to: too much traveling, lifting suitcases, traveling to Europe and Asia, and working way too hard generally. I ws treated for some time by an alternative healer, a
homeopath, but with no success. In November
2005 a friend of mine gave me Pieternel's Oil of Oregano. I massaged it into the painful areas twice a day, and guess what? The pain in my shoulders, arms and legs all disappeared,.

Many mornings when I wake up no, I find myself surprised that the pain is not there anymore. Thanks to Pieternel's Oil of Oregano.

Traveling on airlines as much as I do - most days of every month - I end up in small spaces with many folks that have colds. In hotels, rental car agencies, busses, airports, restaurants and jets, I just know that many people have colds; you can just hear them hacking away.  
The extra strength Oil of Oregano really seems to protect me from the constant hassle of illness while traveling. I also enjoy the slightly intense taste, which stimulates like an expresso in the morning,

Kenneth Frank North California

The proof of its value? When I ran out I got ill! To stay healthy for just $29.00 every month or two is something I highly recommend. I take at least full 3 droppers per day and usually several droppers of olive leaf extract. I try to spread them out at least an hour apart.
I have seen your production process and know that the olives are grown organically, so your products don't have toxins built into their cellular structure. This
is important to me and to my wife, who is a chiropractor. Why would we want to include even the potential of molecular-sized toxins to a therapy designed to
assist our health? Seems counter productive.
You are producing quality products at a reasonable rate. Thank you and please keep up the good work.


Motoshi Kosako. Oregon House, Ca.

I am a harp player and I often perform 4-6 times a week. When I come home and my wrists hurt, I use Oil of Oregano - and the next day my wrists are fine.

Iona Brode. London

I had a bad night with my baby waking up, and the next morning I had a headache. I took some Oil of  Oregano and it was gone, and I could make it through the day just fine.

 Eric Jilesen. Dobbins, Ca

I took Pieternel’s home candida test and it showed that I had a pretty strong yeast infection - as she thought I would. I took her Oil of Oregano for six weeks and the test showed that it had almost completely disappeared. I also took kefir. My energy is so much better. Now I am taking a little break, and then I’m going to go on using it until it is gone completely.

Jena Strauber, Illinois 

Here my testimonial. For many months I had swelling and pain in my legs. My circulation is not good. The doctor did not know what to do.I gpot more miserable and got also pain in my abdominal area. I decided to try Soothex and Oil of Orego. The oil of Oregano I take internally and the Soothex I massage on my leg several times a day. It was unbelievable. In two days the pain in my leg was lessening and the pain in my lower abdomen was gone. In a week I was able to dance again. It seems like a miracle after all these months of being on the couch with this terrible pain. I am still improving and am very grateful Thanks again.
Mieke Minkels Uden The Netherlands.
I had this terrible cold when I was visiting my friends in California. They gave we a some Oil of Oregano. It saved my life. My cold was gone in no time and now everytime I feel run down I start on it right away. It is amazing.

I  just wanted to thank you so much for your teriffic Oil Of Oregano !
We got one about 2 month ago, just after moving to CA, and I actually  was sceptic about it, because I knew that Amina will become sick anyway,
because this was her reaction everytime we changed the environement.
Since I also felt a little bit in need of reinforcement, I started to take it as well, together with my 3 old child. To my big surprize, not only that she didnt have one day sick, but I
gave her once a repeat dose when she had a low energy day, and she was
perfect the same day immediately !
Being a working mother, it is especially nice to know that one can have
something in storage that one can trust when one needs extra support.
Thank you ! cheers, Andreea, Yuba City CA

I had bought the Oil of Oregano for somebody else and then I got a back ache and uses it especiallybefore I went to sleep as this was difficult. I slept as a rose. Thanks Elisabeth Lubbers Amsterdam

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