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Ovarian Cysts  and natural progesterone Prosperine buy here now.
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So many women who I know have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts. It always surprises me how painful ovarian cysts are. The diagnostic test often is an ultrasound of the lower abdomen.

The symptoms of ovarian cysts are: pain in the lower abdomen left or right or both sides in the area of the ovaries. Erratic painful periods often strong uterine bleeding that results from too high levels of estrogen, and pain in the area of the ovarian cysts. The cause is an imbalance in hormones, mostly too high estrogens (or too high in take of xenoestrogens), too much caffeine, use of UID's, diet high in diary, fat and fast food, birth control pills, depo provera shots, hormone  replacement therapy and obesity.


Some other theories suggest the relationship between ovarian cysts and the fact that women cannot express their creativity (creating a child for example) and are mourning for this fact. Another theory says that your liver is trying to create a second organ to get rid of the toxins. What ever it may be: live the question and see what suites you. A list of possible practical solutions follows here:



When estrogen is up, the hormone progesterone is down and gives a disbalance in your body. The addition of natural progesterone cream will bring the balance back and the estrogen will go down too. This is more desirable. You can follow the next guide lines to help your body be in a better balance and to heal faster:


1. Natural progesterone hormone cream, increases your bone density 30 % in 3 years. Progesterone cream decreases the levels of estrogen in your body. Progesterone cream increases your level of progesterone.

2. Vitamin C 2000 mg per day to boast up your immune system and balance the adrenal hormones.


3. Acidophilus/ kefir to improve your intestinal health. Many women recycle the estrogen in their body due to a yeast or parasite infection. Make sure to have a healthy flora in your GI tract is a key to your health.

4. Stimulate your liver to help proper estrogen metabolism. For example, olive leaf tincture, or dandelion tincture or milk thistle seed tincture or artichoke tincture. Take these tinctures an hour away form food.

5. Massage your heels, preferable once a day.

6. Eat a more vegetable diet, avoid hormone meat, and diminish, sugar, wheat and diary.

7. Take kelp for improving your thyroid. (High levels of Estrogen diminish thyroid functioning).

8. Avoid artificial hormones. 


Besides the fact that your ovarian cysts will not bother you anymore your skin will look much better too.

Natural progesterone is a natural anti aging remedy...How can you loose?


Recommended literature:

Dr John Lee, “What doctors do not tell you about menopause?”

Rosemary Gladstar, “Herbal healing for women”


Warmly Pieternel


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