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Ear Infections: (Otitis Media, Otitis externa, Serous Otitis Media): Natural treatment and remedies.

Ear infections occur most commonly in babies and young children, but may occur at any age. In young children, they usually occur because the Eustachian tube is to short. (This tube runs from the middle ear to the throat) and it is easy for bacteria to move between the two.) Sixty percent of children will have an ear infection by 1 year of age and 80 percent by 2 years of age. It is important to treat ear infections immediately to prevent any damage to the hearing organ and further infection of the mastoid bone (the bone behind the ear shell). Children with chronic ear infections could benefit by having allergy testing. Dr. Metcalfe (see below....) recommends herbal treatment before having tubes inserted in your child’s ears. She finds that children respond very well to herbs and vitamins. A federal panel recommends that even after the ear infection is gone, there may be some fluid remaining in the middle ear. They recommend that this does not require further treatment, such as anti-histamines, antibiotics, steroids, or removal of tonsils or adenoids! Further treatment is needed only if there is pain involved. As a parent you have probably seen your child go through many doses of antibiotics for ear infections, with the result of another ear infection soon again. Dr. Metcalfe as well as other doctors recommend getting off of the antibiotic roller coaster and prevent future infections by building up your child’s resistance. Giving antibiotics to children without giving acidophilus has shown that 90 % of those children will have a recurrent ear infection in 3 months.

Otitis externa is an ear infection of the external canal, otherwise known as Swimmer’s Ear. It is caused by a localized bacterial or fungal infection. The skin in the ear canal gets wet or irritated and it becomes weakened allowing infection. It is usually naturally and effectively treated with herbal eardrops like my own natural remedy, Earacheaway.  The best natural antibiotic is Oil of Oregano.

Signs and Symptoms:

In young children: red ears, tugging, rubbing of earlobe, hearing loss, ear pain, runny nose, congestion, persistent crying, fever, discharge from ears and nose, fussiness, breathing trough mouth instead of nose and sinus infections.
Adults: Fullness in the ears, pain, discharge in ear canal, fever, congestion, sore throat, ears feels stopped up and pain in ears.


Natural Treatment for ear infections

Lifestyle Changes:

Warm, moist compresses to the ears can help alleviate pain and encourage circulation to the ear.
Avoid swimming and wipe ears dry after bathing until external infection clears.
NO smoking or second hand smoke exposure.

Avoid lying down (increases the pain).

Put a sliced onion, one foot away from your child's head at nighttime (European remedy which works excellent). This cleans the air. Avoid children to lay flat at nighttime this increases the pressure and thus the pain. Avoid hard noises in the house and arguments. Teach your child to blow its noise gently, one nostril at a time. Clean nose in he morning and evening with salt solution for the recipe go to:...Avoid sugar and refined foods in general ass well as sodas. Add a warm steam vaporizer in the bedroom at night.
Massage the Eustachian tube by rubbing on the outside of the neck gently between the ear lobe and the front of the neck.



Avoid allergens.

Avoid dairy products as they increase mucous and congestion.
If nursing an infant, make the feeding angle steeper (have the baby sitting up instead of lying down). This will encourage a better flow to the stomach.
No sugar, this weakens the immune system and encourages bacterial growth.
Encourage sucking, this will mobilize the Eustachian tube and improve circulation. Avoid milk in bed or before bedtime (as well as juices)

Natural Solutions:

Ear Infection Protocol for Infants: Earacheaway*, herbal drops 3x 3 drops a day in each ear. Buy here  

Oil of Oregano 2 drops 3  times a day diluted in water. Buy Oil of Oregano

Olive leaf extract 1/2 droppers full 4 x a day To order:                        

TO BOOST UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Vitamin C 500 mg daily.

Ear Infection Protocol for Children: Eareacheaway*: 5 drops in each ear three times daily.

Oil of Oregano 3 drops 3  times a day diluted in water.  


Olive leaf tincture 3 droppers' full 4x a day.

TO BOOST UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Vitamin C 1000 mg daily.

 Some Ear Infection Remedies for Ear infections:

Earachaway* herbal eardrops 5 drops in each ear,three times a day. Buy here

Oil of Oregano 6 drops 3  times a day diluted in water. Buy Oil of Oregano

Olive leaf extract 3 capsules three times daily.

To BOOST UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Vitamin C 2000 mg per day or repeat every hour for 4 hours. Rinse nose with salt-water solution, each morning and each evening. BLOW NOSE SOFTLY ONE NOSTRIL AT A TIME.

External Otitis/ Swimmer’s Ear, natural remedies:

Earacheaway *, herbal eardrop 5 drops in each ear 3x a day. Buy here

Oil of Oregano 6 drops 3  times a day diluted in water.

TO BOOST UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Olive leaf extract 3 capsules three times daily. To order:

TO BOOST UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Vitamin C 2000 mg daily or up to 4 x 2000 mg every hour.

Rinse nose with salt water solution, each morning and each evening. BLOW NOSE SOFTLY, ONE NOSTRIL AT A TIME.

Warmly Pieternel


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