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Breast cancer information and awareness.

This page contains information about breastcancer and breastcancer awareness, and how to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer  is on the rise. In 1994 there were 175,000 cases of breast cancer per year resulting in 44,000 deaths a year. Experts think that main risk factors are environmental, such as diet, that account for 80 % of breast cancers whereas genetic factors account for about 20 %. Some studies link the increasing risk of breast cancer to fat intake as well as xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are fat-soluble toxins such as petrochemical toxins, used in detergents, cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, foods, cosmetics etc…

 Recent research makes a connection with infections and the development of cancer. Also low immune systems and cancer are related. Boosting up your immune system with for instance with Oil of Oregano is one option and might give you more energy and more anti oxidants in your body.


Breast cancer incidence is highest in North America and Western Europe where the diet contains 40 % of fat compared to third world countries where fat contains 15 % of the diet. The difference in breast cancer occurrence is 6 times as much in North America and Western Europe then in third world countries.

We are consuming 15 % more fat then in previous years. Poor nutrition and physical inactivity contributes for 300,00 premature deaths in the US. Women who drink alcohol have a higher risk of breast cancer.

People with prostate cancer or basal small lung cancer and female reproductive cancer seem to have high levels of estrogens. High levels of estrogens reduce the amounts of testosterone and progesterone.

These hormones help to maintain energy levels, muscle toning and libido, and start to decline at the age of 35 with women and 45 with men (see article on natural progesterone cream.)


Is there anything we can do to prevent breast cancer? Are there ways to be smart and make some changes in our life style? Try the following advices and make your own verifications.  


1. Move from where you are and be sure to have enough physical exercise.

            Try to have at least 3 times a week 30 minutes moderate exercises. Walking, cleaning your house, gardening, go to the gym.

            Do your monthly self breast exam. Avoid Bra's as much as possible.  


2. Decrease your fat intake except for pure cold olive oil.

Cold olive oil remains its properties as an unsaturated fat. When heated up it becomes grease, like in junk food and clogs up your arteries.

Avoid junk food like donuts and fried foods.Oilof Oregano and Soothex topically seems to bring oxygen in the tissua and is anti cancerous. View Oil of Oregano and Soothex.


3. Be sure to have a daily intake of protein.

            A lack of essential amino acids (proteins) has been linked to food cravings and addictions.

Alternate fish, chicken, beans, eggs and tofu.  Women who eat once oa week beans or lentils have a 24 % reduced change of breastcancer. ( International Journal of Cancer, April 20, 2005 )

 of Avoid fatty fish and beef. Fatty fish carries a lot of toxins loaded in the fat and beef has a lot of restored residue of hormones and antibiotics. 


4. Use Flaxseed 2 ounces a day, grounded up or soaked overnight. 

Good fat to protest against heart and cardio vascular disease. It is also protective against breast cancer. (lignans in the flax bind with estrogen producing bacteria in the large intestine and promote their excretion).


5. Test your progesterone; testosterone and/ or estrogen levels with a saliva test  (More accurate then blood tests).Ask your provider or see ZRT website (  Women after 35 and man after 45 have 

decreased hormone levels (progesterone and testosterone). The hormones, which kick in when we are teenagers.

Supplementing these hormones (with a natural hormone cream) helps to tone your skin and muscles, increases libido and energy. 


6. Avoid soda's, which contains 9 tablespoons of sugar per can.

The phosphate in sodas extracts calcium and other minerals from your bones. This in turn lowers your immune system,

decreases bone density (teenagers have more fractures then ever before).

Sodas contain aspartame, which is linked to many diseases as brain tumors, seizures, depression and Chronic fatigue syndrome. 


7. Eat organically, especially meat and milk.

Both contain artificial estrogens (xenoestrogens), which bring your testosterone levels and progesterone levels down.  Eat rare or medium meats if you eat meat at all.

Women who prefer well-done meats have a 4,6 X higher risk of breast cancer than women who prefer rare or medium well meats. Journal of national cancer institute, 1998 .


8. Avoid refined foods (higher in xenoestrogens and sugar and artificial ingredients).

Use natural sweeteners like Xylitol or Stevia. High amount of sugar is linked to obesity, tooth decay and diabetes.


9. Avoid alcohol.

            Studies show that women have a higher risk of breast cancer when drinking alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of sugar and extracts

            vitamins and minerals from your body, which will again lower your immune system.


10. Use a natural progesterone hormone cream. (Prosperine for women and Prosperon for men.)

 Feel better with more energy and more muscle mass then fat.


11. Be sure to eliminate and sweat. Have 2 bowel movements a day and increase physical activities).

            Eat enough fiber and Vitamin C at least 2000 mg daily.


12. Improve your colon health.

(Acidophilus, eat enough fiber, deparasite, drink 1/2 gallon of water a day.)

To deparasite take Oil of Oregano 600 mg a day for 6 weeks. It also increases your immune system and takes away underlying (dormant infections).

Buy acidophilus (needs to be in the fridge) and built up the good bacteria, which you need in your intestines for good absorption and digestion.


13. Eat more veggies and fruit.

            Minimum of 5 servings of veggies and fruit. Chew your food well enjoy whatever you eat. Have varieties of different foods.

           Add Rosemary and Oregano oil and red, yellow and purple foods for high contents of anti oxidants. 


14. Avoid water in plastic bottles, drink plenty of water from glass bottles or well water.

            At least 8 ounces a day and when the weather is hot drink more.


15. Add a multivitamin to your diet with at least:

            Vitamin C to bowel tolerance; vitamin E 1200 IU; selenium 200 mgm (the West Coast soils are particularly deficient in this mineral);

natural carotene complex 50,000 IU to 150,000 IU; vitamin D 400 IU (women in northern climates have a higher rate of breast cancer

than women in southern climates). Divide the vitamines of the day  2 times half instead of one time 1. Better absorbed that way.

In doubt of your multivitamins are of a good quality? Put them in water and see if they are absorbd in the water within 1/2 hour.


16. Avoid underwear that is too tight.

Research on this subject is very diverse but common sense might tell you that to tight underwear blocks circulation.


Do you want your children to be healthy, and eat well?

Start eating well and take care of yourself. You are your children's example.


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