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Use of olive leaf extract.


Olive leaf extract   


In biblical days the olive was the symbol of hope, victory and friendship.


 Did you know that olive trees are not susceptible to diseases and can become more than a thousand years old? Interestingly enough in this time of antibiotic resistant bacteria, rising HIV rates, flesh eating strep and deadly outbreaks of viruses as Ebola and Hanta researchers have found oleuropein. Oleuropein is found in the olive leaves of the Mediterranean olive or olea Europa. The anti- viral and anti- bacteria substance is an isolated elenolic acid. Elenolic acid remarkable inhibits viruses and bacteria without the host cells in vitro. How it actually works is not complete known and more research is needed. One aspect why researchers got inspired to do research on olive leaf was the fact that olive trees did not get any bacterial, viral, fungal or parasite disease.


Olive leaf extract is a natural antibiotic for the following bacteria:


 lactobacillus plant arum; 1. brevis; pediococcus cerevisiae; leuconostoc mesenteroides; bacillus cereus; staphylococcus aureas; bacillus subtilis;enterobacter aerogenes; e cloacae; escherichia coli; salmonella typhinurium; pseudomonas fluorescence; p. solanacerun; p. lachrymans; erwinia carotovora; e. tracheiphila; xantomonas vesicatoria; and corynebacterium michiganese.


Oleuropein, found in olive leaf seems to be superior to quinine and is effective against malaria.


Fungal and yeast disease have been increased as a result of the overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good and the bad bacteria. Diet rich in sugar and sweeteners increases the possibilities of yeast overgrow. Fungi and yeast species have been shown sensitive to oleuropein,found in Olive leaf including candidum, rhizopus sp. and rhizoctonia solani.


Oleuropein, form olive leaf extract also demonstrates slight anti-inflammatory properties and could be beneficial for over all health benefits.


Other properties: beneficial for: Hypertension: diabetes mellitus, hyperuricemia (gout) and arteriosclerosis. 


Dosages: Olive leaf extract: Take 15 drops a day but start with 3-5 and work up to 15 drops X 4 a day or for detoxifying one time 15 drops a day Take the olive leaf extract one hour away from food or:

Olive leave capsules:  Start with one capsule a day and advance to 9 a day. (Some practitioners prescribe double dosage.) Detoxifying reactions can occur like headache; muscle aches following the death of virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite. Take it with water one hour away from food; the protein in food may influence the properties of Oleuropein. If you take it as an antibiotic use probiotics, between the intake like kefir and acidophilus.

You do not want to end up with a yeast/candida infection.


Olive leaf extract should be taken an hour from food. 


References: Herbal Health report: Olive leaf extract regains Interest as a superb anti microbial agent.











Experiences of patients: Adam: I started with 30 drops a day, the next day twice. I felt that my body started to eliminate....I saw it in my stool, I felt my liver. I increased to 4 times a day 30 cc. It is so powerful. My appetite decreased and I lost a couple of pounds.


Eric: I started with 15 cc (I/2 a dropper) two times a day. I noticed that brown stuff came out of my lungs and my wife smelled nicotine ( I had not smoke since the last 10 years.) I lot of elimination took place and my appetite decreased....lost as much weight as one hole in my belt.


Joep: I was coming down with a flue and took 3 times a day.......... I recovered in. My urine was very dark the only time I had this was when I had Cranio-sacral treatment. This treatment is much cheaper. 


Pieternel: I started to feel run down and many people were coming down with the flu. I started on a liquid vegetable diet and vitamin C 4 times 2000mg a day. This is what I normally do. This time I added 15 cc of olive leaf tincture 2 or 3 times a day ( if I did not forget.) I used Earache away because my sinuses seem to plug up. A lot of elimination out of my sinuses, and lungs...and stools. I keep working my 6 x 12 hours that week, plus commuting...






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