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Home remedies for infant constipation 

What to do when your infant has constipation.

 In my career this question has come up many, many times. Often  parents would ask me this questions. They themselves often have a tendency for constipation. Or the crying the baby was assumed to have constipation. Crying can also be for other reasons:

  1. Hunger, tiredness, wet diaper
  2. Not adjusted to this life yet, wanting to be held in a loving environment.
  3. Parents are in a hurry, not rested themselves.
  4. Type of child, does not need much sleep, active soul.
  5. I can go on but I want to go back to baby’s, infants.


Constipation is a situation which causes suffering and influences your life wherever you go. A disadvantage of constipation is that it also effects you health: Toxins in your system reenter your body forming a threat for your health on the long run.
You have two different ways of feeding baby’s/infants and constipation.
  1. Breast feeding.
  2. Bottle feeding


The above have different approaches.


Breast feeding


A baby can have a bowel movement once a week or 4 times a day. This depends on how much food he/she needs and absorbs to grow. The surplus gets eliminated. The BM can be yellowish and green of color. The more the baby absorbs the breastfeeding (is easily absorbable) the less bowel movements it has. When he/ she does not need as much food, he poops it out. These periods will interchange. Adding water can never harm if it is very warm but mostly the baby will prefer breast-feeding.




Bottle- feeding baby's can have constipation. Causes can be:  

Is the baby drinking too fast?  Is the nipple hole too big? When a healthy baby finishes a bottle in 15 minutes a bottle, the baby is satisfied. This helps the digesting of the food. Feeding too fast can be a cause of indigestion/ constipation.


When the weather is too warm give the baby some water. Clean water, preferable cooked and cooled, but again not too cold as this again can cause indigestion.





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Constipation remedies, treatment for baby’s infants.


  1. Add probiotics or preferable kefir (natural) from a good store and should be in the fridge. Follow bottle directions. 
  2. Rooibos/ Honeybush  tea. Excellent remedy, click here for more info. Breastfeeding mothers can drink it themselves too.
  3. Fennel seed tea. 1 teaspoon per 2 cups of water. Make it like a regular tea but try to avoid the microwave, use hot water. A tablespoon before every feeding. Breastfeeding mothers can drink it themselves too.


Children who have constipation, need to have a physical examination with their doctor. For Chronic Constipation see the article on natural constipation relief. For children you might take half dosages for the remedies. If the child is close to 100 lbs you can use the adult directions.


Good luck and I hope these suggestions are helpful.




Warmly Pieternel


Good luck to you  and enjoy




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