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Prosperin, your natural help for fertility
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The Relationship between Fertility and Progesterone

The Relationship between Fertility and Progesterone


Many women in our society have difficulty becoming pregnant. This can be a great source of suffering. One of the avoidable causes of infertility is insufficient progesterone. Why does this matter so much? When the egg meets the sperm, progesterone enables it to nestle properly in the uterus. Women who do not have enough progesterone will have more difficulty both in conceiving and maintaining their pregnancies. Applying natural progesterone cream is a natural way to help nature fulfill its processes.


A womans level of progesterone helps determine how successfully the fertilized egg, the nascent embryo, will implant itself in the uterus wall. During pregnancy, a sufficient progesterone level will then enable the baby to grow by being nurtured by the placenta, through the uterus wall. It is clear that we need good levels of progesterone in order to conceive and have healthy pregnancies. The question is: How to do this naturally without side effects?  And one of the answers is: A natural progesterone cream like Prosperin. 


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 How to apply natural progesterone cream?

Apply Prosperin progesterone cream from the 5th to 26th day of your cycle for 3 consecutive months. Ovulation will often happen in the fourth month.  This month, start after your ovulation (which you can determine with Ovu tech kits that are available in any drugstore). If you want to become pregnant and you're already using a progesterone cream, it's very important to keep using the cream until you find out whether you're pregnant or not. (You can take a pregnancy test a few days after your period would normally be due.) Sustained use of the cream prevents a sudden drop in progesterone levels, a real key to the success and survival of the fertilized egg. Once you have conceived, continue using the cream; the same strong levels of progesterone that helped the egg will now serve the health of the embryo.  If you do not become pregnant, discontinue using the progesterone cream, then resume use after your ovulation.


The Estrogen Question

 Many womens estrogen levels are too high particularly in the increasingly degraded environment we live in. 

What factors are most responsible? Here are some of the culprits: 


1.      Xeno estrogen, which is found in meat and milk, plastics, cleaning products, preservatives, gasoline and products made from petroleum.

2.      Some foods, such as soy, and supplements such as black cohosh, which have naturally higher levels of estrogen.

3.      Anti-conception pills, morning-after pills and depo shots (which have a number of long-term influences on a womans body in addition to her estrogen level.)

4.      Artificial light and exposure to television and computer monitors affects melatonin, a hormone in the pineal gland, which in turn affects estrogen and progesterone levels.


Katherina Dalton, M.D. and researcher, noticed that when she was pregnant her migraines went away and she felt unusually well.  After some research she concluded that this unexpected positive side effect of her pregnancy was due to her high levels of progesterone. Her research further led her to advise women to begin using natural progesterone creams in order to increase their fertility. She also recommended improving ones diet and increasing the function of ones liver to help keep estrogen levels in check.


How to Help Your Liver Function Better.

 In addition to a more natural/ healthy diet, you can use my olive leaf tincture, which I make from handpicked, organic olive leaves. Start with one drop twice a day and advance to 6 drops three times a day.  This will help your liver to detoxify, which in turn helps your liver to do its proper function, which is detoxification! The liver is a filter, our detoxification organ that needs to be functioning well and needs to be unclogged. Olive leaf tincture is an excellent, natural remedy to unclog the liver. When you take olive leaf tincture/ olive leaf extract, you may experience reactions such as headache or flu-like symptoms. These are no cause for alarm. Indeed, they are positive signals that the toxins are back in circulation on their way out of your system. Just proceed very slowly with the tincture and be sure to drink enough water. When the liver functions well, the estrogen levels will be in check and this will improve your fertility. High estrogen levels weaken the liver. Do not, however, use the tincture when you are pregnant. 



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Dietary Recommendations


  1. Be sure to have enough physical exercise. (I know thats not diet, but believe me: it makes all your good dietary efforts bear real fruit!)
  2. Decrease your fat intake except for pure olive oil, which should be consumed at room temperature, not as a frying oil.
  3. Be sure to sustain a daily intake of sufficient protein. If you deprive yourself of this, the lack of essential amino acids (proteins) can give rise to all manner of food cravings, addictions, and poor mental/emotional states.

4.  Use flaxseed, 2 ounces a day, ground up or soaked overnight. 

5. Test your progesterone and/or estrogen levels with a saliva test (which is more accurate than a blood test.)  Ask your health provider or see the website for ZRT.

6. Avoid sodas, which contain an amazing 9 tablespoons of sugar per can. The phosphate in sodas extracts calcium and other minerals from your bones.  Especially avoid Mountain Dew and food coloring E5 (read your labels!), which has a negative effect on fertility.

7.Eat organic foods, especially meat and milk. Non-organic meat and milk both contain artificial estrogens (xeno estrogens which bring down testosterone and progesterone levels).

8.Avoid refined foods (which are higher in xeno estrogens, sugar and artificial ingredients). Use Xylithol or Stevia as sweeteners. Honey and molasses are good alternatives too.

9. Avoid alcohol.

10. Use a natural progesterone hormone cream like Prosperin for women.

11. Be sure to sweat and eliminate.  Increased physical activities can help with the 2 daily bowel movements that you want.

12. You can also improve your colon health with probiotics or kefir, enough fiber, an anti-parasite supplement such as oil of oregano, Vitamin C (at least 2000 mg/day), and plenty of water (1/2 gallon a day).

13. Eat more veggies and fruit.

14. Use olive leaf tincture, starting slowly, then building to 6 drops, 3 times a day.

15. Avoid city water and plastic bottles. Drink quality well water or spring water from glass bottles.

16. Avoid sugar. Sugar nourishes the growth of cancer cells, as well as other bacteria and viruses.

17. Avoid undergarments that are too tight, men especially.

18. Men should get their sperm count confirmed. When the sperm count is low, the changes of conceiving are diminished. The cause of low sperm count is often a low testosterone level. You can do a saliva test with ZRT and or take Prosperon.




If you are in a hurry because of you age of any other reason start with as many of the above recommendations. If you are not in a hurry it is advisable to start with one or two and to be consistent. Consistency is not an easy job but when you are motivated it will happen. Good luck.


Enjoy and remember a little soul is somewhere waiting for you.

  Warmly Pieternel 







2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


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