Insomnia, memory foam mattresses and progesterone cream.

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Insomnia, memory foam mattresses and progesterone cream.

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Many people complain of insomnia. In this active time with busy schedules, Starbucks around the corner for a pick up. Watching TV and excitement, not enough relaxation in the daytime lets not even talk about the possibility of naps (or siesta). Unbalanced food or junk food. Insomnia is a fact that is increasing and you can see your fellow colleagues being so tired that they can doze off above their desks. Many people now have to take on extra side jobs to make ends meet. Stress and too much to do is the slogan of the day.

When you see your primary care physician and you will tell him that you cannot sleep he will be happy to prescribe you sleeping pills like Soma or any other kind. Another alternative is hypnosis by doing self hypnosis by tape. See the links below.  Every medication has side effects read the manual. Pills are manufactured in labs and contain elements, which can be toxic in large dosages. Every day a little poison is a lot of poison over a year.


What can you do to help yourself sleep better?


Avoid watching TV before sleeping, coffee and sodas. All of the above will stimulate you too much and will stop you from relaxing. Insomnia will be the result instead of a deep and sounding sleep.

Relaxation techniques like yoga, mediation,self hypnosis, stretching or tai chi before going to bed is an additional support for insomnia.

Enjoy your life try not to hurry

Take catnaps.


The above looks quite simply and it did help for me to not watch TV and do coffee. Exercises before going to sleep is helpful too but then I found two solutions, which really worked, well for my insomnia and I will tell you about it in this article.


Progesterone cream and a memory foam mattress cured my insomnia. In fact I have to be careful now not to sleep more then 7 hours or sometimes 8 1/2.


I bought my wonderful memory foam mattress 6 months ago for under $1000.00 and it is a perfect solution for when you have insomnia or body aches or arthritis or one of those combinations. I sleep easy through the night and if I wake up because my child has a cough or the dogs bark I turn around and fall asleep again. My other trick for insomnia, which I have used for 4 years, is the progesterone cream all natural not the HRT hormone treatment. Progesterone is the hormone, which starts declining after 35 with women. The estrogen often goes up which is responsible for a decline in sleep. Adding a or teaspoon on soft skin in the evening helps to sleep better. It is like being a teen again and sleep hours…. Those two are my success stories against insomnia. I will give you links to the pages to order both products at the best prices to my knowledge and I promise you; you will not regret any of those investments. You will regret you did not buy the memory foam mattress and progesterone cream years ago.


My best sleep wishes to you and soft dreams


Warmly Pieternel

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