How to loose weight with common sense.

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Tips to loose weight.


We know how to loose weight I not it? More exercise and eat less. Especially avoid sugar and the bad fast like fried foods and of course smaller portions.


Chew well. If you chew well you are taking longer time to fill up your stomach and after 15- 25 minutes your stomach gets the message that it is full. So eat slowly and chew well so that you do not overload within the first 15-15 minutes.


The FOLLOWING  TIPS  to loose weight. Many of these tips work well for loosing weight after pregnancy.

Start the morning with a bitter tasting food like aloe Vera.


Another way is too increase your metabolism. How:


Take kelp, this speeds up the thyroid and increases your metabolism. Take 3 times 3 capsules for 14 days.  


Vinegar/ lemon adding to your diet, as this seems to be an appetizer reduction method.


The following two tips are not recommended for loosing weight after pregnancy. Detoxification is not recommended when you are breastfeeding, as you do not want your baby to get the toxins in the breast-feeding.

Detoxifying, bitter herbs are another class of herbs that can assist with weight loss. These herbs tend to reduce inflammatory, acidic conditions in the body that often trigger the cravings people have for inordinate quantities of unhealthy food. These herbs are particularly useful in people who tend to have voracious appetites for spicy, oily, and sweet foods. Olive leaf extract helps to reduce your appetite and eliminates the body from toxins. Can be very effective and side effects of headache and flu like symptoms can occur due to the elimination. For more information:


Eat spicy foods.

Ginger, cinnamon, epimedium and eucommia bark, can also give a person an energy boost. This can encourage the person to remain consistent with his or her exercise routine. These herbs also encourage healthy digestion and generally make a person’s metabolism run faster and more efficiently. This group of herbs can be particularly helpful for those people whose weight tends to accumulate around the abdomen.

Increase ice water as this lowers your temperature resulting in burning of more calories. Drink at least 8 8 ounce glasses of water.


Sit straight as possible as this demands more energy and burns more calories.


Sit less standing demands more energy then sitting. 


Avoid sodas. Diet sodas too. Listen to the following story:

Last year I heard two Emergency room physicians having a lot of fun and was joking. The story was this: in the Bay area there are certain for people to gain weight, they gave the “weight gainers” diet soda’s to increase weight. The conversation went along with hilarity and laughter.

Now Sept 2004 another physician in the Emergency room went to a conference regarding treatment and care for cancer patient. He told us that a recommendation was to give cancer patients diet sodas because the nutra sweets in diet soda’s increases the appetite…does that make you think?

Moral of the story if you want to loose weight, avoid diet sodas and regular sodas and nutra sweet. If you want to stay healthy drink water, herbal teas (without sweeteners or sugar) vegetable juices and or hormone free milk. But the most important drink is water to stay hydrated and give your body enough fluids to have a healthy circulation and able to remove waist from your body.


If the above is not enough: … Did you know soda’s takes vitamins, minerals and calcium out of your body? So you have to take more vitamins or quite sodas?


Tuck in your belly at least 5 minutes at a time. Be aware of your breathing. Do this as much as possible to flatten your belly.


To “flatten” your chin. Stretch your chin muscles by pulling your lower chin forward. (Looks terrible but increase your lymph drainage of the lymph nodes in your neck and burns calories.


Increase efforts in general. For example if you clean your kitchen increase the speed. Vigorous house hold choirs are like aerobics. 360 calories per hour.


Increase fiber with for example vegetables and psyllium. If you take psyllium add a multi vitamin as psyllium removes toxins and minerals and vitamins from your body.


Eat Kefir: Kefir increases the absorption of nutrients and increases your digestion. With the eating of kefir the need for multivitamins is decreased in 50  %to 80%.



One of the most powerful tools and very cheap is to visualize yourself slim, eating less and be more happy with your body. This is an art form and demands:

Have an aim

Be consistent.

Have a positive outlook.

Have a strong imagination, being able to see yourself, in 2 or 3 seizes less.

Helpful tools are to look at a picture of yourself in your ideal weight.





Try raw foods. It is very filling and healthy and you eat less.


Read the article about comfort foods.


Check if you have a yeast infection as yeast infections increases the desire for sugar. Take the easy to do home test, free. See:


Sometimes counseling can be a solution as your weight gain is a “bufferzone” for an underlying issue.

Examples of these issues are:

Being overfed as a baby. Parents to busy and the solution was to feed the baby too much.

Low self esteem and thinking that when you are thick men will not like you and stay away from you.

A need for power…taking in more space then an average person.

Sexual or physical abuse.

Chemical imbalance.

If you have more general tips, please feel free to drop me an email.


Thanks again for your time and hope it will help you.


warmly Pieternel


2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.



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