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All natural hormone cream for a male menopause treatment.


Male menopause treatment and testosterone.


At about 45 years of age most men go through a change that is generally referred to as male menopause or andropause. Some of this change is due to lower levels of progesterone. Do men have actually have progesterone, you ask? Yes, progesterone is the precursor for the hormone testosterone. Around 45, as the progesterone levels start to diminish, estrogen levels start to increase, resulting in the following complaints: first baldness, loss of libido, nightly bathroom visits, night sweats, enlarged prostate, diminished skin elasticity, tiredness, depression and even cancer. As the progesterone levels drop, the male hormone testosterone is converted into di-hydro-testosterone, which is useless at removing the prostate cancer cells that stimulate estradiol, which also enlarges the prostate. Prostate enlargement is a major cause of problems in older men. In men over 50, estrogen also causes breast enlargement and prostate problems. Progesterone counteracts this elevated level of estrogen.

 Why a natural hormone cream for a male menopause treatment?

Progesterone is quite poorly absorbed when taken orally, but is readily absorbed through the skin. Statistically speaking, some 90 % is absorbed in this way. (With my experience with heart patients who use nitroglycerine topically, I can testify to the rapid results one can obtain from substances the boy readily absorbs through he skin. Natural progesterone does not give the same results when taken orally because the liver breaks down many of the active components. With a cream applied to the skin though, the liver is bypassed and 90 % will be absorbed. Men need between 6-12 mgr a day of progesterone to be used as the precursor for the hormone testosterone.


Dr. John R. Lee has observed that natural Mexican wild yam cream gives great relief to men with prostate problems. Their nightly visits to the bathroom ceased, and their energy levels went up. Animal studies have corroborated these results, and studies with humans are on the way. But why wait, the practical results are already crystal clear for men who use Mexican wild yam daily? Men who have used my yam cream reported feelings of greater well being, weight loss, skin toning, increased energy, improved libido and arrested hair loss. Many of my male customers have been coming back to buy this natural cream for years. Showing great satisfaction using this product and having reported no side effects.

The men that have been using this treatment every day, all benefited. They report less hair loss while combing hair, increased libido, feeling of more energy and a more elastic skin. Men with nightly bathroom visits were happily surprised that after a few weeks of usage they had a continuously healthy nightly sleep.      

I have done a lot of research on a good male menopause treatment and quite frankly, this is it.




If you are ready to order you can do so here at my Google checkout cart.


Here are some more details:

PROSPERON is an all-natural hormone cream.

It comes in a two ounces spray bottle, good for a 2 months supply.

The cost is $16.50.

I’m giving a 60 day money back guarantee. You’ll have plenty of time to experience the great results it gives.


Using preferably 2 X 2 pump strokes a day or one time 4 strokes

makes 12 mg of natural progesterone.


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Natural Prostate Health, by Roger Mason

Progesterone Cream Can Help Prostate Cancer, by Dr. J. Merculo

What Doctors Do Not Tell You About Menopause, by Dr. John Lee

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Ingredients: Mexican de-ionized water, (grape) seed oil, avacado oil, stearic acid grain alcohol, emulsifying wax NF, Mexican wild yam, silk amino acids, glyceryl monostearate, (jojoba) seed oil, shea butter, aloe leaf juice, vegetable glycerine, sorbitol, silicone, methyl cellulose, allantoin, diazolidinyl urea,iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, disodium ED TA, benzophenone-4, vit A, vit C, vit D, vit E.


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