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Migraine and solutions.

Migraine headaches home remedies.


If you did drink enough water, relaxed avoided stress…(yes who is able to do that in this society?) And you still have an up coming migraine headache? If you checked your hormone level and are on natural hormones like Prosperin or Prosperon what are you going to do?

Here it is for you all natural home remedy:

  1. Rub on Soothex a natural anti-inflammatory applied topically as often as you wish on head, neck and shoulders to help release toxins and tension. (Do not take it internally).
  2. Take Vitamin C 2000mgr each hour for at least 4 hours or more until your stools gets loose (elimination). Consider enemas.
  3. Juice a celery vegetable (preferable organic) and take 2 ounce. Sometimes you need another 2 ounce but mostly this will do the job and your migraine headaches disappear. (Take it easy and relax). You can freeze two ounce to have it ready when you need it although fresh is best for migraine headaches.


If you can follow these guidelines and be consistent in these home remedies, you will have fewer migraines and increase your health by eliminating toxins.

Some people need to do the pulse test or do allergy testing as migraines can be related to food allergies. The pulse test you can do at home. View pulse test.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" ?>

For allergy testing consult your doctor.

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Oil of Oregano is an excellent natural antibiotic and immune booster Click here for natural antibiotic order and information.

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Warmly and keep breathing.



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