Antibiotcs, infections and Oil of Oregano.

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All natural antibiotic

Oil of Oregano.


All natural antibiotic wil oregano in virgin oil. Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti yeast, anti fungal and anti parasite.

$29.75 for 2 ounce.
$ 18.50 for 1 ounce

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Antibiotics, infections and Oil Of Oregano.


After 1940 the medical knowledge changed dramatically with the introduction of antibiotics. Illnesses which were incurable and people would die from infections could be cured. Pneumonia, Typhus blood infections, sepsis and other infections from now one could be treated with strong antibiotics. The invention of antibiotics led to an enormous amount of growth in the pharmaceutical world, producing and developing antibiotics. Nowhere days when you have a serious infection and have to go to the hospital you can be treated with many antibiotics in different prices and properties. Happily we have those handy. The down side of antibiotics is that there are side effects in many different varieties from heart problems too nausea and a decreased level of the immune system. After 3 months your likely hood for another infection increases. Antibiotics have another disadvantage. You have to go your doctor, wait till he has time and he will prescribe a prescription and you have to go to a pharmacy to get it filled. The third disadvantage of antibiotics is the fact that antibiotics do not kill viruses, parasites or fungus infections/ yeast infections. When taking antibiotics you have to be sure to increase your immune system by eating less sugar or non. Improve your immune system and hopefully do not get more side effects like diarrhea upset stomach and or many other side effects.

The other aspect is to be sure to take acidophilus from the fridge or kefir as all antibiotic. Antibiotics kills all the good bacteria in your intestines. The beneficial bacteria which are necessary for a good digestion and absorption of your nutrients so necessary for a healthy body.

Now you are asking me are there alternatives? I work a lot with Oil of Oregano. If you have a life threatening condition antibiotics will be your first choice.

If you like to be more independent, know that you have a sinus infection or other infection preferable diagnosed by your provider. If you have flu or run down or a tendency for a bladder infection or bronchitis you can deal very well with alternatives. Alternatives like Oil of Oregano. Oil of Oregano also kills viruses, fungus and parasites so you kill four flies in one.

It is always better to avoid the white refined sugars to be able to keep your immune system up. With a 6 weeks treatment of Oil Of Oregano it is better to add acidophilus or kefir. Kefir is one of those super foods that I would recommend for the rest of your life. More information on kefir you can find on my website Oil of Oregano is a handy natural antibiotic and very beneficial to have available in your first aid kit and ideal to go on trips see my testimonials on my website. If you like to be more independent and take more responsibility for your health Oil of Oregano is your choice.

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