Parasites and causes of parasites.

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Parasites and yeast infections go hand in hand.

Causes and ways to attract parasites:


There are many ways to attract parasites:

One reason is through contaminated with:


2.Foods. ( raw meat and rare meat).







What is so dangerous about having parasites?


Good question: Some people do not seem to be bothered by them and become 94 with parasites.

Most cases parasites lower your immune system and disturb the functioning of your intestinal tract. Basically parasites lower your immune system and other illnesses

have a more likely hood to develop.

Other factors contributing to the growth of parasites are:

Dirty colon

Yeast infection overgrowth


High sugar intake (refined carbo hydrates)

Steroid drugs (lower the immune system)

X rays and radiation therapy


Unhealthy foods

Poor digestion

Pollution and to much metals in your body like mercury, alumium etc.)

2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


Hulda clark speaks about zapping your parasites and how parasites can cause a cluster somewhere in your body…Probably true. I once asked one of the surgeons if it could be possible if parasites can go into the brain and he stated : Yes. It is possible but did not give me more information…

Some people say it can cause seizures. 


I use:


Oil of Oregano as Oil of Oregano is anti parasite, a natural antibiotic and immune booster. Click here for natural antibiotic order and information.


Parasites and yeast infections go hand in hand. For home testing and treatment go to yeast infection. 


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Warmly and keep cleaning.





2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.



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