Oil of Oregano home remedy and Poison oak/ rash.

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Oil of Oregano to improve Poison Oak/oison ivy naturally and no chemicals or side effects.

Oil of Oregano.


A natural antibiotic in Virgin Olive oil. Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti yeast.

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Are you sensitive for Poison Oak. Do you get those skins reactions, like a rash when you touch poison oak? Many people including me suffer from a rash, itching, tiredness and a decrease of the immune system. Of course the desirable aspect is not to touch poison oak….But we are a moving active people and poison oak can be part of your life when you like to live in the foot hills and woods. One of the best home remedy a friend told me when you have poison oak is to put Oil of Oregano topically on your skin. How much did I know…producing my own Oil of Oregano. Guess what… this July cleaning up some brush, I must have touched Poison Oak. All around my wrist….Poison Oak. Bad rash, itching. So I remembered my friend words. Used Oil of Oregano and guess what: The poison oak rash healed in days and soothed the pain and made me scratch less. It helped me sleep well. Oil of Oregano is a wonderful home remedy for poison oak. Of course I took some Oil of Oregano internally to boast up my immune system. Conclusion: Just rub the Oil of Oregano, the great home remedy as often as you wish on your skin rash. Carry a bottle of Oil of Oregano with you and apply it as often as you want. Good luck and what a joy to realize that it is possible to diminish your (unnecessary) suffering using a simple home remedy. Warmly Pieternel In 2005 I got Poison Oak and was out of my regular expensive remedies. The only thing I had in the house Oil of Oregano. I applied it at the patches and the itching left and it healed so much faster. What a surprise. This year I only used Oil of Oregano and it really worked again without any other remedies. I got on place with a blister and applied and when I noticed the Poison Oak I applied Oil of Oregano right away. the itching stopped and as long as I do not scratch the Poison Oak does not spread. I got a few other patches but I slept through the night and the Poison Oak was gone within a week. Thanks and the benefit: I did not need to see a doctor and get a shot like I used too. Constance Pughomme Ca I had a Poison Oak rash on my wrist after cleaning up brush. Put Oilof Oregano on it 3 4 times a day. Rub it in well enough so it absorbed completely. No itching at night. No pain, It did not spread and I did not fell run down. I also added some Oil of Oregano orally so I did not feel run down. Pieternel van Giersbergen Oil of Oregano has never been testing for pregnancy and should therefore not used as medication in general is not recommened during pregnancy.

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