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This is one article in a series of 3 articles regarding erectile dysfunction

Dysfuntion erectile (ED)


Many men, who visit their doctor, have problems related to impotency. This is an important subject and as we see underscored in the many advertisements. An example is Viagra. Erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes a problem around 40 and up. Why around 40 – 45 years of age? This is the age, when testosterone is declining and estrogen is increasing. Testosterone is the hormone, which kicks in at puberty and is responsible for the male aspect of teenage boys. Testosterone and estrogen balance each other during the active years. After 45 estrogen increases and we could say that this is main compound of the start of middle aging or aging in men and erectile dysfunction.


What are the symptoms of low testosterone and possible consequently Erectile dysfunction (ED)?

  1. Hair loss
  2. Acquiring a pot belly
  3. Nightly bathroom visits
  4. Decline in arousal, in morning erections.
  5. Dry wrinkly skin.
  6. UTI’s
  7. Anxiety, difficulty concentrating.
  8. Anemia. 
  9. Back pain.
  10. Hot flashes, palpitations


For a complete checklist click here.


Causes of impotence or dysfuntion erectile (ED) are:

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The Post-It Test

Worried about possible impotence? The doctor can test your capacity for erection by giving you an electronic device then putting a nice bill in your mailbox. Or you can get the same results with this very simple test. All you need is some post-its... and to stop thinking it’s too simple and strange to try!


Research has proven that with every REM phase of sleep a man has an erection. He doesn’t remember it, but it is a fact all the same. This means that if you have such erections at night, then your penis is definitely able to “do its job.” And if it works well at night, but not so well in a sexual situation, this is important news. It means that your problem is not organic, and can be approached through other means. There’s no need for fatalism.


So... before you go to bed attach 2 or 3 post-its length-wise to your penis. (The smaller post-its of course - let’s be realistic here!) Do it carefully by “wrapping” your penis in a way that is least likely to be disturbed by movement, and comfortable enough for you to fall asleep. If in the morning the post-its have detached themselves, then they were sloughed off by an erection. If they are still attached in much the same way, please visit your doctor soon. Your sexual apparatus should be participating in your normal bodily cycles.

Page 1 Erectyle dysfunction (ED).

Page 2 for Causes and cures of erectile dysfunction (ED).


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