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Dear registered nurses

This information for registered nurses comes from being myself a registered nurse in jobs for almost 28 years. I would like to share some of my deepest feeling as a nurse. Registered nurses can make a change for many people especially over time. Registered nurses have information and are people who can help people to grow and change and can make a difference in the lives of many. Registered nurses jobs come in contact with young and old and are able to touch the hearts deeply. Much of the registered nurses I have worked with, still work with, have “seen” and experienced so much. Those registered nurses often have a deep spiritual understanding and any of them could write books and stories which would touch your heart.


So I place a call here. To all registered nurses in their jobs and practices, what is it that we can simple do to help people to become healthier. Which information as registered nurses can we give people, what is basic, for use registered nurses to give.


Here follows some of my informational tools I use as much as possible and I will explain too you why and how:



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1. Inform people to drink more water. Working in the Emergency room I saw that many people  (my estimation is 2/3 of the people came in partially dehydrated. When not so healthy people are dehydrated every complaint becomes worse. (Lets not talk about stress that ups the symptoms with x %. So 6-8 glasses of water. Please no juices (9 teaspoons of sugar, which is all nutrition for viruses, yeast, parasites, fungi and bacteria. This information if all registered nurses who communicate this to there many, many patients would make a difference. 

2. In the same line registered nurses avoid soda’s again 9 teaspoons of sugar and sodas depletes minerals and vitamins so…. now wonder we have so much fractures and osteoporosis. Please inform, your patients. View here for more info on Osteoporosis.

3. Many of you are very patient and give so much care. Tell them please when taking antibiotics to supplement with acidophilus. Why Antibiotics? Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria in your system and…they kill the good bacteria too. So what happen if you kill the good bacteria in your system, which are needed to digest foods…your immune system goes down? Years ago a Dutch research found out that children who received antibiotic and did not receive had a 90 % recurrence of ear infections in 3 months compared to children who did receive acidophilus. What counts for children counts for all age groups.

A recent research showed the changes of breast cancer increased when women took more then 23 antibiotics in 26 years…..Makes you think.


Of course there are so many other health tips and I will come back to them too. In the main time enjoy all my free health information on the website and with warmth to all of you hard working registered nurses


Warmly Pieternel  


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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.


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