RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus)

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RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus)
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RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus)


RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus) is a virus that has an annual outbreak in winter and spring but can last all year round. RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus) causes pneumonia, bronchiolitis and tracheo bronchitis. Reinfection of the RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus) can be reinfected easily and will manifest as a mild upper respiratory infection.

Incubation time of RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus) is 5 days and is transported through eyes and nose.


Who are more at risk?


Children with heart diseases

Babies under a year

Premature babies

Non breast-feeding children

Baby’s who are more in contact with other children, who might be carriers of RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus)


Symptoms of RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus)


Low-grade fever

Cough wheezing

Rapid breathing up to 100/minute


Gasping for air in a later phase and blue colored lips. Seek earlier medical care before the symptoms arise. Run to the emergency room.


What can you do at home against RSV (Respiratorial syncitial virus)?


Be sure the air is moist in the house.

Avoid daycares or large group of children, who do not wash there hands and cough and sneeze. Also avoid coughing and sneezing adults who might be carriers.

If a child in your neighborhood has  RSV ( Respiratorial syncitial virus) put a half cut onion next to the head of the baby. This moist the air and disinfects the air and helps with coughing. A couple of drops of eucalyptus oil on the sheet or bib helps too. 

Increase the immune system by breast-feeding as long as possible and use Oil of Oregano 3 drops 4 –7 times a day, with the first symptom. See

Be sure the baby’s nose is open and is not holding mucous.

One complication of RSV is ear infections. For more information see  


Be sure to see immediate medical care when the child is breathing fast or any of the above symptoms.


Diagnosis is confirmed with a nose wash and clinical findings and or lab work.


Treatment consists of hydration, humidification of inspired air and breathing support, as needed, antibiotics.


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