Depression, anxiety and bipolar disease.

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Depression, anxiety and remedies like herbs and EMDR and EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Depression, anxiety and bipolar.


Valerian and St Johns worth and Kava kava are natural anti depression, anti anxiety herbs.
5 HTP and Gaba are also good alternatives...just do not mix them with medications as this can have negative effects. Be aware of medications anyway. A pastor who come sin the ED often, once asked me this question: Did you ever see somebody on medication and heal (he was speaking about anti depression/ anti anxiety and bipolar medications. This boggled my mind....I could not find a person....

Depression is a phase when it is when you see part s of yourself, the world you do not like. You can not accept these realizations. Medications keep you quiet and subdued. Do not forget that the next step is anger and needs to get out before the next step of anticipation, acceptation and goon with your live. Medication might be a bridge for a while but not for ever...

With anxiety something has happened in your past and if you start to go into the anxiety mood is because something triggered this awful memory. You can not or do not want to go to this experience s it is too painful. So what do you do go in panic and nowadays it is called a panic attack.


To get to the origin of your depression or anxiety you can use tools. Tool like EFT (emotional freedom technique) and EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). What caused the anxiety...what is behind your anxiety? You can get there and be more what you really are. Enjoy every moment.  


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