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My right shoulder is often hurting due to a leg difference. This affects my whole spine. Using Soothex helps me to relax my shoulder and I feel the pain and stress leaving my body. It is wonderful soothing oil.  


My famous migraine pain relief. Apply Soothex to my forehead. If this is not enough drink 2 ounce of celery juice.  Repeat as needed.




My son hurts his leg often with playing sports. I rub on some of the Soothex and in 5 ten minutes he is on the go and I do not hear him about his pain.

My son had a rash recently. It was very painful. I used Soothex and the next day it was gone.


Eric Jilesen, Oregon House CA



My arm had a rash from my watch. Kind of an allergic reaction. I started to use my Soothex and it healed completely without a scar. Thanks for being able to write this testimonial.


Ellen Walraven Weert. The Netherlands


Your magic potion is helping the pain in my feet, which travels at night into my legs. I rubbed it on for 3-4 days and it really helped. Then for 3 days the pain was completely gone. Thank you so much.


Jan Allen, Oregon House Ca




Pieternel: People ask me is it a symptomatic product or does it heal too. My own personal experience is that is both. When my joints hurt it really takes the pain away. When I have sore muscles in my neck because of too much toxins it takes the pain away but also releases the toxins and so it hurts a little more too. Especially when the detoxification is starting. So the answer to the question is both. It heals and it takes the pain away.



Soothex allowed my muscles to relax, feel lightly, with a warm hug like aroma. (Donovan has chronic neck pain and two herniated disks). 


Donovan Nak. Oregon House Ca



I have so much pain in my wrist especially when I do my sewing. Now I am using Soothex and the pain just disappears. Sometimes even for 3 days. Now I promised myself to rub it on every morning and evening so that I can do the things I want to do without taking any medications.


Connie Lathouwers, Roseville Ca


I was working my shift and got this left sided back pain suddenly.  We rub on Soothex for 3 times that day. First time twice in hour then at 7 and before I went to bed.  That evening and the next day, I was pain free. Amazing. (Pieternel told me to get my urine checked for an infection, I resisted but she made me go…guess what, I had a bladder infection.)


Deadre Fredericks, Yuba city.  Ca


I sprained my ankle badly jumping of the monkey bars. The doctor said it would take 1 to 4 weeks to heal. I was on crutches….We put ice on the ankle every 2 hours for 20 minutes and applied Soothex.  4 days later I could already walk and 6 later I could run again…It was still blue, but the swelling was gone we kept using the Soothex at least 3 times a day to help to heal the bruises. 


Jason Jilesen, Dobbins Ca


I had this bad injury of my hamstring and could not do my  5 mile runs. It had gone on for months. I got one of Pieternel’s, Soothex and if really helped the pain. I am running again. Thanks so much.


Mary Ramey, Oregon House Ca.     


Thanks for alowing me to give my testimonial. When I had my stiff neck and the Soothex was rubbed on in minutes, I found relieve and in 10 the pain was gone. Great.


Will Harvey Oregon House Ca.


For many months I had swelling and pain in my legs. My circulation is not good. The doctor did not know what to do. I got more miserable and got also pain in my abdominal area. I decided to try Soothex and Oil of Orego. The oil of Oregano I take internally and the Soothex I massage on my leg several times a day. It was unbelievable. In two days the pain in my leg was lessening and the pain in my lower abdomen was gone. In a week I was able to dance again. It seems like a miracle after all these months of being on the couch with this terrible pain. I am still improving and am very grateful Thanks again.

Mieke Minkels Uden The Netherlands.


Pieternel your Soothex  really help, my back pain disappeared like a wand----Poof, magic. Thanks San Diego Ca




“What an incredible product”. For 5 months I suffered with tendonitis in my right elbow. I had no relief with over the counter medications and anti inflammatory medications.  I tried Soothex and in the very first days I noticed I noticed a tremendous difference/ improvement and till this day I have no pain and can lift objects without restrictions. I recommend Soothex for everyone with joint pains.


Shirley Caroll, Yuba City, California. 



Pieternel Your Soothex took all the itching away when I had Poison Oak! It helpe it to heal and I did not have to see a doctor….Great remedy.


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