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Test yourself for iodine and improve you health.

Speedy metabolism? Slow metabolism? Be sure to go on a healthy diet and avoid sodas, coffee, junk food and drink at least 8 8 oz glasses of water. Check if you are iodine deficient by putting a patch of iodine tincture on your skin. (Only if you are not allergic for iodine, fish or latex).  If the yellow color disappears in 8 hours you are very iodine deficient. Increase your iodine. If it is gone within 24 hours you are still iodine deficient and need to take 500 mg of iodine. If it is still there in 24 hours you are not iodine deficient.

Sometimes a speedy metabolism runs in the genes. Take slow deep breaths and do yoga or meditate or some things to slow you down and help you relax. Avoid stress


Thyroid problems and iodine.


Many women in USA have thyroid problems. Thyroid problems, resulting in a too fast working thyroid or to slow working thyroid. 60 % of the American women have a mal function thyroid and there are of course many degrees.

One of the ingredients a thyroid needs is iodine. In many countries it is added to salt.  For example in The Netherlands, you do not see a person there with goiter. A swelling of the neck there were the thyroid is situated. A goiter is again a malfunctioning of the thyroid. Thyroid problems are related to

Brain fog




High Blood pressure

Cardiac problems like arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation.

Female problems


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Iodine is detected in every organ and tissue and is necessary for the body. Adults need 150-200 Meg per day.


People taking thyroid medication are low in Iodine. People taking synthroid are low in iodine and have an increased risk for cancer.


If your body has insufficient iodine:

Stress on the pituary gland is diminished so TSH will normalize.

Increased excretion of thyroid poison and heavy metals from the kidneys.

Obesity is more easily to normalize, as are

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

Breast tissue normalizes

Menopausal symptoms improve.

Polycystic Ovary syndrome can be cured

Improves your brain function.

Improves heart function and reduces

Cancer rates of thyroid and breast are reduced.


The solution is simple, do the iodine test and if needed supplement yourself with iodine in the form of kelp capsules or iodine supplementation. Simple is not it and so easy to do yourself. Be sure to have enough progesterone for you women and testosterone for you men. In the meantime enjoy yourself your worth it.  




To order now see our convenient Shoppingcart

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