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How to stay healthy and travel and cope with jet lag.

TRAVEL HEALTH and travel health tips.


How to stay healthy when you travel international?


Many of my friends travel once or more times a year abroad. So please enjoy these tips that I learned from going through the travel experience. Please enjoy this information too.

Travel is accompanied with joy and excitement. On the other hand there is also a kind of suffering:


What do I mean with a certain kind of suffering?


  1. Jetlag
  2. Upset stomach
  3. Dehydration
  4. Decline in immune system and consequently ill or not feeling well and there fore not able to enjoy the trip.
  5. Because of the stress of the trip being prone to small accidents, like a contusion or fall.
  6. Cut or fall.
  7. Diarrhea.



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In general:


  1. Try to be rested before you travel. When you are stressed out the chances of catching a cold or infection are increased due to a diminished immune system.
  2. Try to be well hydrated before you leave.
  3. If you know you will be going on a trip. Start on a 6 weeks course of Oil of Oregano, 2 months before you go. This is a great way to boast up your immune system. Do not forget your acidophilus or kefir to increase your intestinal health, as you need a good intestinal flora to keep your immune system up.
  4. When you travel by plane:    

a.    Avoid sugar as this brings down your immune system.

b.    Avoid too much food on the airplane.

c.    Drink plenty of water in the airplane. Even be willing to take an extra bottle of water with you and take tomato juice instead of fruit juices. 

d.    Take your (small) meals in the rhythm of your country of destination.

e.    When it is dark and it is about the time of you country of destination to go to bed, cover your eyes with a cloth or eye patch and take 300 mg of melatonin. The purpose is to get into the county’s day and night rhythm.  


  1. Try not to take naps at daytime but try to go to bed in your new rhythm. Next day do not take naps if possible. Go to bed at the rhythm of your visiting country.
  2. Again avoid sugar, alcohol, drink lots of water and take your supplements of multi vitamins. Just to be sure to get in the right amount minerals and vitamins.
  3. Enjoy whatever you do but be sure to drink enough water. ( 8/ 8 ounce glasses of water.) Your body is more then 50 % of water and you want to have this fluid refreshed. 
  4. If you feel run down: take the Oil of Oregano. Take it at least 3 times a day, 6 drops under your tongue. This boost up your immune system right away.
  5. When you are in your night rhythm and able to sleep, skip the melatonin. Otherwise take every evening at nighttime 300 mg.
  6. If you feel run down another good trick is: Add vitamin C every hour 2000 mg. Repeat this for at least 4 hours or till your stool is getting soupy. This is a sign of elimination. For children: All the same but give vitamin C 1000 mg.  Stay on a liquid vegetable juice if possible ( tomato juice is easily available in many countries.)
  7. If you hurt yourself or pull a muscle or have a back or neck pain or a contusion or a bruise? Get out your bottle Oil of Oregano and rub it on as often as you wish, locally.
  8. Upset stomach or afraid you ate something bad? Get some acidophilus or kefir and take it every hour.  
  9.  Still enjoy your trip but tie your camel and take your Vitamin C, Oil of Oregano and melatonin. Bon voyage.

Oil of Oregano is an excellent natural antibiotic and immune booster Click here for natural antibiotic order and information.


See: Earacheaway for possible ear infection.


Warmly and keep breathing.




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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.



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