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All natural progesterone hormone cream for women. Made  from Mexican Wild yam as recommended by John Lee. 1/2 teaspoon contains 24 mg of natural progesterone.
4 month supply $ 18.50

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How to use Progesterone cream- Prosperin?



Progesterone cream like Prosperin is an all natural hormone cream containing24 mg of progesterone in teaspoon.

In general women apply 20 days out of the month the progesterone cream on soft skin the 10th day of the month. Count the first day of your period as the first day. Soft skin is the inside of your legs, arms, shoulders, and belly. It is useful to alternate the skin as to increase the absorption of the cream.

Women who want to conceive start after the 14 day of your cycle. Counting the first day when you start on your period. Progesterone cream is beneficial is helping the body to get pregnant when started on the 14th day as it increases progesterone at this phase of your cycle. Progesterone is a hormone that helps the fertilized egg to nestle in the wall of the uterus.

Women who do not want to get pregnant and use the hormone cream from the 10 day have a different effect. Basically the increase of progesterone gives a signal to the ovaries that there was already an egg produced. The ovaries will not produce an egg that month. The result is: Diminishing your changes for pregnancy. Yes you can use Progesterone cream as a natural form of birth control.

When you are post menopause you can use progesterone cream the whole month or 20 days out of the month. For example use it every month starting on the tenth of the month. You stop the first of the next month and start again the 10 of the month. You are sure to get 20 days of the month enough progesterone, using to teaspoon a day.  

For: Hot flashes or meno- pause symptoms: every 15 minutes when the hot flashes start use teaspoon of progesterone cream for 4 times, in an hour.


Progesterone cream has no side effects. The only “side effect” if you use too much progesterone cream which is more then a teaspoon a day is tat you will sleep more….If we can call this a side effect. Enough sleep is good for your health and your anti-aging process. Finding your self sleeping more then 8 hours a day after using your progesterone cream is an indication of too much progesterone.

Many women will say why do I have to use progesterone cream after my meno pause or when I do not have hot flashes?



Progesterone cream like Prosperin: has anti aging effect and increases the toning of your skin, increases libido, increases lubrication. Helps the brain to remember and think better. Decreases joint pains, Migraines, arthritis, osteoporoses, helps the hormone balance in your body. Diminishes allergies, hay fever, and skin rashes.

Diminishes your chances to certain cancers that are estrogen sensitive.


Progesterone cream has any positive side effects: I have a checklist and you can check your own results daily weekly or monthly if you wish.


If you want to stay well and healthy natural progesterone cream like Prosperine is a great way to go. Order now and receive a $ 1.00 discount. Prosperin is a 4 – 6 month supply for a great price $ 18.50.

Order now.


Why is there a variable of 12- 24 mg a day of progesterone?


Women are all different. If your body still produces progesterone like when you are young and suffer from PMS or when you want to increases your chances of fertility or when you are a person that needs “ dosages of medicines”. Every woman is different and his is why I want women to adjust the dosage to their needs. Helpful is to start of with teaspoon or a little more what I did myself. When you see the results you can adjust. Post menopausal women need at most likely teaspoon, a teaspoon once a day if they like to get the anti aging effects.


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The following are recommendations for women, approaching their forties:

1. Flaxseed 2 tablespoons each day grinded or soaked overnight.

2. 8 pieces of walnuts for your best omega 3.

2. Vitamin C 2000 mg daily, dissolved in a bottle of water, sipping it. This will also helps regulate the female hormones. (Especially the adrenals.)

3. Avoid sodas, red meat, and greasy foods, which might disturb the estrogen balance in your body. (Sorry skip junk food, full of artificial estrogens).

4. Drink 8, 8 ounces of water a day. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 5. Low thyroid: use kelp capsules 500mgr up to 8 a day. (For iodine). Be good to your self and take well care of yourself.

5. Test yourself for a yeast infection see here. Yeast infections seem to increase estrogen in our body.



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2005 Pieternel van Giersbergen.